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My Voice at IU: Employee Engagement Survey

Thank you to all staff members who shared anonymous feedback about their work experience at Indiana University in the first university-wide staff employee engagement survey: MyVoice@IU.

Survey results will help IU understand the needs of its staff employees, what IU is doing well, and where there are opportunities to improve the work environment at IU.

The survey was the first step in enhancing staff engagement at IU.

What’s Next: Sharing and Working with Results

Sharing Results
Our survey partner, the Gallup Organization (Gallup), has compiled the results and information is beginning to be shared across the university. High-level survey results have been shared with IU’s executive leadership, and this spring, results for units or departments will be shared with leaders and staff. Individual responses will always remain anonymous.

Working with Results
Human Resources staff across IU—all specially trained by Gallup to guide the interpretation and use of survey data—have developed comprehensive training to guide leaders and staff in using survey results to lead changes at the unit or department level. Leaders can take immediate actions to enhance the work experience and staff can also be involved in leading change using Gallup’s proven process. The process is simple, yet powerful:

  1. Determine what the results mean to your unit or department in an open, guided discussion.
  2. Uncover the top opportunities to enhance what works well or address opportunities to improve.
  3. Create a few simple action plans to make changes that can increase engagement. 

All staff members are encouraged to participate in this collaborative process, even if they did not receive or complete the survey. This gives everyone an opportunity to be part of making changes that affect the quality of their work environment. Discussions about the results begin in early spring, with a goal of initial action plans being created by mid-May.

IU wants to foster an environment where all employees feel valued and are engaged in their work. Working to enhance staff engagement is a continuous journey, so watch for updates here and in IU publications.


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