Articles from IUPUI Agreement with AFSCME
AFSCME (BL, IN, SB) 12.2.b

Effective: July 1, 2012
Last Updated: July 1, 2012

Responsible University Office: IU Human Resources

Responsible University Administrator: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Policy Contact: IU Human Resources

Article 5A

When it is necessary for any department of the university to maintain a skeleton staff or the entire staff on any holiday, either those mention in the Holiday Policy or any granted to the staff by the Board of Trustees or the President, employees so detained will be granted time off at a time mutually agreed upon by the employee and his immediate supervisor.

Article 6

The union shall be allowed space on designated bulletin boards of the university for the purpose of posting notices pertaining to official union business such as notice of union meetings, election of officers, etc.  Anything pertaining to matters other than official union business must first be submitted to and approved by the Assistant Chancellor of Human Resources before it is posted.

Article 7

Provided there has not been a disciplinary report of an offense of a similar or related nature in the interim, disciplinary reports which are twelve (12) months old or more will not be used for the purpose of imposing additional discipline on an employee.

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