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Index of Data Retention Schedule

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ADA Accommodation Result Letter

Advertisements for new Departmental Positions 

Application for Temporary Employment

Application for Staff Employment

      Complimentary Letters
      Professional Awards
      Staff Merit Award Documentation
      Staff Report Commendations


Background Consent Form

Background check report


Conditional Employee Agreement (As related to Corrective Action)

Conditional Employee Agreement (As related to Drug & Alcohol)


Employee Promotion Evaluation Form

Employee Relations Files

Essential and Marginal Job Functions Worksheet (Used in conjunction with FMLA and ADA)


Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Files 
      Form 1 Leave Notice
      Form 2E Medical Certification for Employee
Form 2F Medical Certification for Family
Certification for Military Family Leave
      Certification for Serious Illness/Injury Military Service Member
      Form 3 - Intent to Return and Fitness for Duty/Medical Release
Medical Recertification Request for FMLA Leave


Grievance Files
      Grievance Form for Temporary Employees
      Grievance Form for Professional and Non Union Support Staff
      Grievance Form for Union Represented Service Maintenance Employees
      Grievance Form for Union Represented Support Staff


Hiring/Interview Materials

Temporary Employees, Appeal of Termination Reason Files (Not a part of the Grievance Process)

Temporary employees, No Rehire and Conditional Rehire Termination Files


I-9 Forms and Supporting Documentation


Job Listing Bulletin   


New Employee Evaluation Form 

New Job Code Request Form


Offer Letters


Performance Improvement Records
      Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
      Staff Report Counseling

      Staff Report Warning
      Staff Report Termination

Performance Reviews

Personal Profile Change Form and Supporting Documentation
      Personal Profile Form - ED
      Personal Profile Form - PSA

Personnel Action Form Documents (PAF)

Position File
      Position Description – Staff
      Position Requisition Form (Request to fill a Vacant Position)

PTO Blue Cards


Release of Personnel File Authorization

Resignation Letters


Salary Letters

Substance Abuse – Reasonable Cause Form

Substance Abuse - Employee Authorization and Consent for Substance Abuse Testing Form

Substance Abuse - Employee Refusal of Substance Abuse Testing Form


Telecommuting Agreements

Termination Letters (Not Related to Corrective Action)