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Life Events Changes

Examples of Types of Changes You can Make
  • Change the number of people covered under your medical plan
  • Switch from one medical plan to another (only allowed under one circumstance)
  • Enroll in or discontinue your medical plan
  • Change your Personal Accident Insurance coverage level
  • Begin a new or change an existing health or dependent care expense reimbursement account (TSB)

Benefit plans can be affected by Life Event Changes, some of which qualify as an official change in status by the IRS (e.g., marriage or birth of a child). Plans not affected by this change are listed behind the tab to the left, "Enroll in a Plan or Make Plan Changes."

Generally, when you enroll in benefits as a new employee, enrollment begins on the date of hire, and you cannot make any changes until the next Open Enrollment period. However, if you experience a qualified change in status, you can make mid-year changes under the law.

Family Change

Dependent Child Change

Employment Status Change

Court Order/Government Program Change