About the Total Rewards Notice

The Total Rewards Notice is an annual report of your benefits and compensation package at Indiana University. It includes your base salary and annual contributions the university makes for certain benefits on your behalf according to your base salary. The combination of base salary and benefit contributions makes up your “total rewards” package.

Every benefits-eligible faculty and staff member will receive a personalized email notice signed by the President of Indiana University that includes salary and benefit information, which gives you a more complete understanding of your total rewards from IU. The notice will include your base salary, health and welfare information, retirement benefits, and IU tuition benefit.

Notices arrive via email in July for employees paid over 12 months, and in August for employees paid over 10 months. Departments will notify their employees of any pay changes before the new fiscal year starts, but the Total Rewards Notice includes the value of benefits that contribute to your total compensation package.

When do notices arrive?

  • Staff and faculty with 12-month appointments should expect to receive their email notice in July.
  • Faculty with 10-month appointments should expect to receive their email notice in August.

Check your total rewards at any time

You can also review your total rewards information at any time using the Total Rewards task at One.IU. The information is updated daily and is also available through the Employee Center task.

If you have questions about your Total Rewards Notice not answered by the frequently asked questions below, speak to your HR representative or .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Total Rewards Notice?

The Total Rewards Notice is an annual email that serves as a reminder to employees of the overall package of compensation and benefits that they receive. 

Can I view my Total Rewards online?

Yes, the Total Rewards information can be viewed anytime by searching for “Total Rewards” in one.iu.edu.

Who receives the Total Rewards Notices?

Faculty and staff in appointed positions who are eligible for employee benefits receive the Total Rewards Notices.

When will the Total Rewards Notices be emailed out?

Staff and 12-month faculty receive their notices in July and 10-month faculty receive theirs in August.

Why can’t the Total Rewards Notices be emailed out earlier?

To maintain consistency of the data between the Total Rewards Notices and the online Total Rewards task, the same data source is used for both. This data source is updated nightly and reflects the totals based on the current date. Annual budget increases are applied in HRMS with effective dates of July 1 (staff and 12-month faculty) and August 1 (10-month faculty), so the correct data for the email notices is not available until after these dates.

I’m a full-time employee, but I never got a Total Rewards Notice. Why?

Some newly hired employees may not receive an online notice due to the timing of their hire. Additionally, if a new employee has not enrolled in benefits when the information is pulled for the notices, they will not receive a notice.  

However, employees can view their Total Rewards information online at any time by searching for “Total Rewards” in one.iu.edu (assuming their benefit enrollment is complete).