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Management Training Series


The Management Training Series (MTS) is a University-wide leadership development series that offers Indiana University leaders a unique opportunity to participate in a professional development program, with colleagues from around the state.  Since its inception in 1991, MTS has “graduated” a cadre of leaders who, to this day, are key players in the successes of Indiana University.


Today, organizations are faced with many challenges, not the least of which is constant change. Workforce diversity, reorganization of workgroups, diminishing resources, technological innovations, rising worker expectations and the changing routine of the work itself all challenge leaders in ways they've never been challenged before. To meet these challenges, leaders need new paradigms, new strategies and new skills.


This series is designed to empower a select group of leaders, from throughout Indiana University, to master the organizational and leadership challenges they face now and in the future. Drawing upon resources from both inside and outside the University, the Management Training Series presents leading-edge sessions designed to assist participants in improving performance in their current positions, as well as prepare them for possible additional responsibilities. Participants meet one day a month, for seven months, beginning in October and cover topics such as: Planning, Managing Change Transitions, Accountability, Expectations, Coaching, Leadership and more.  In addition to the monthly sessions, participants are expected to participate in project teams that will afford them the opportunity to apply what they are learning to a real-life situation, in real time.  They will also be expected to establish their own professional leadership development goals with action plans and outcomes.

Support of the University

Indiana University continues to demonstrate its support and investment in employees through support of this program. MTS is supported by each vice president, provost, and chancellor and is funded by the University Human Resource Services office. Each participant is selected by his/her vice president, provost and/or chancellor and must have leadership responsibilities at the Director/Assistant Director or above level.

For more information

For more information, contact Martie Adler, Associate Director, Talent & Organization Development, at 812-855-3020 or .