New Employee Departmental Orientation


The departmental orientation sets the tone for a new employee's entire career with your organization. New employees need to know departmental-specific information.

Proven benefits of an effective orientation are:

New employees often report feeling completely overwhelmed the first few days on the job. One purpose of your orientation program is to provide the employee with limited and organized information to make the job seem more manageable and the environment more comfortable.

Some employees are given documents to read and are left primarily alone the first few days. This approach fails to establish expectations or enthusiasm about the new job because of the boring and tedious nature. Your challenge is to create an exciting, rewarding, and manageable first few days for all new employees.

Consider some of your own "first-day" experiences. How did your orientation help or hinder you in getting off to a great start?


Part 2: Orientation Objectives

New Employee Departmental Orientation

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Objectives 
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