Performance Improvement Plan:
Example 1

Performance Improvement Plan for Employee Y

Deficiency Statement: Employee fails to complete tasks in order of their priority often resulting in very low priority work being accomplished, while high priority work remains incomplete and overtime is incurred. In some cases overtime has been worked without supervisory permission.

Duty 1
Assigned work is completed on time and in order of most important to least important tasks.

Duty 2
When more work is assigned than can be completed, employee requests assistance from immediate supervisor.

Duty 3
Overtime will be worked ONLY when assigned and authorized by management.

Terms of Agreement The purpose of this document is to identify performance deficiencies and to provide a clear concise mechanism for improving performance to a standard of "Meets Expectations". Every effort will be made to provide training and support necessary for the successful completion of this Performance Improvement Plan. Items contained in this plan are subject to modification under several circumstances. First, should it become clear that the level of "Meets Expectations" has been attained prior to the projected date, the plan may be dissolved upon agreement of the supervisor and employee. Second, where improvement in overall performance is noted, but additional time and/or training is required to reach a standard of "Meets Expectations" in all areas, the plan may be renegotiated. Finally, after a reasonable amount of time has passed, should it be determined that the overall performance continues at the level of "Does Not Meet Expectations" or that a standard of "Meets Expectations" cannot be met, a final warning will be issued. We agree to work together on the items identified in this Performance Improvement Plan and to make every effort to reach the goals and expectations defined.

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