Job Families and Level Guides
For all Professional Staff Jobs

All Professional Staff jobs were allocated to job families and levels based on two factors:

The following is a list of distinct job families and, where applicable, sub-families, and the corresponding level guide in PDF.

Administrative Services
AdministrationComplianceFinancialPurchasingHuman Resources and Training

Auxiliary Services

Coaches *


Facilities Services
Building Services Engineers/Architects/DesignersMaintenance/Construction/Grounds

Health Care Professionals *

Health Practice Administration

Information Technology Services
InfrastructureSystems Development

Media/Public Relations/Alumni Services
Alumni/Marketing/ EventsCommunication ServicesCommunity Outreach

Clinical ResearchMuseumScience/Labs

Safety and Security Services

Student/Academic Services
Academic/Career AdvisingCampus LifeStudent Services

* Competitive market research does not support six levels within these job families. Jobs are assigned in a single, broad level and tracked separately with market data.