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Telecommuting Guidelines during COVID-19

For Staff and Temporary Employees

In response to COVID-19, employees should work remotely if possible and limit visits to campus. These guidelines are not intended to be used for disability accommodations. Please refer to the university’s Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Policy if considering telecommuting as an accommodation for a disability.

Employees are still obligated to comply with all Indiana University rules, policies, and procedures when telecommuting. Violation of such rules, policies, and procedures may result in possible corrective action. Telecommuting does not change the terms and conditions of employment with Indiana University.

Non-exempt staff and temporary employees are subject to the overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. They are to accurately record all hours worked to ensure compliance with the recordkeeping and overtime requirements of the law. Exempt staff employees are not eligible for overtime.

H-1B employees who are moved to a worksite other than initially reported in the H-1B petition or who are permitted to telework should contact OIS for guidance on if an amendment to the H-1B petition and LCA are necessary due to the change in location.

Employees are eligible for workers' compensation when telecommuting, and must follow the university's procedure for reporting job-related injuries.

Telecommuting may vary from unit to unit, supervisors should consider the following:

  • Ensure all employees have completed the Community Responsibility Acknowledgement (CRA);
  • Determine the job duties and discuss the work to be performed and expectations while telecommuting;
  • Establish a work schedule and work hours including availability for online meetings (e.g., Zoom) and calls, if needed;
  • Ensure ongoing communications and collaborations with others;
  • Plan for and handle potential problems;
  • Confirm the safety and security of sensitive data.

A telecommuting arrangement is not guaranteed to continue beyond the end of the university’s current COVID-19 operations. This is an evolving situation and these guidelines may be updated as needed.

An optional telecommuting form is available.