Telecommuting Guidelines for on Campus Positions in Emergency or Adverse Situations

For Staff and Temporary Employees

These guidelines provide assistance to units when establishing telecommuting arrangements for employees whose responsibilities can be performed outside the traditional office setting during emergency or adverse situations such as due to weather, a pandemic, or an unsafe working environment. Use this abbreviated set of guidelines when implementing a full telecommuting agreement is not practicable.  The telecommuting guidelines for on campus positions in non-emergency situations are also available.

A unit’s decision as to whether a telecommuting arrangement is feasible will depend upon:

When telecommuting, employees are still obligated to comply with all Indiana University rules, policies and procedures. Violation of such rules, policies and procedures may result in immediate cessation of telecommuting arrangement, and possible corrective action.  Telecommuting does not change the terms and conditions of employment with Indiana University. University and unit demands remain a priority.

Support &Service Staff, PAO & PAU employees, and Temporary employees are not exempt from the overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). They are to accurately record all hours worked to ensure compliance with the recordkeeping and overtime requirements of the law.  PAE employees are exempt from the overtime requirements of the FLSA, and are not eligible for overtime.

Employees are eligible for Workers' Compensation when telecommuting, and must follow the university's procedure for reporting job-related injuries.

Once a determination is made that a telecommuting arrangement is feasible, supervisors should determine:

A telecommuting arrangement may be discontinued by the supervisor or the employee with or without notice.  At a minimum, the arrangement will be reviewed when the adverse working situation comes to an end. A telecommuting arrangement that continues beyond the end of the emergency or adverse situation is subject to the provisions of the telecommuting guidelines for on campus positions in non-emergency situations.