Reallocating Our Workforce (ROW)

In these unprecedented times, we have departments which have downtime for their employees, as work that was being performed is currently not available. At the same time, other departments are having temporary spikes in their workload and do not have the resources necessary to complete the work at hand. By reallocating our workforce, we are bridging the needs of the university and our employees across departments and campuses.

PLEASE NOTE: Supervisors and HR representatives are asked to familiarize themselves with the FAQ PRIOR to submitting one of the forms below.


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Immediate supervisors can recommend an employee to the ROW program.

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Submit a departmental request

HR representatives can submit support requests for departments.

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An up-to-date listing of needs from across the university.

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General Questions

How can I utilize ROW for assisting my department with our workload? What is the process?

The first method for seeking assistance is to reach out to your HR representative and see what resources might be available within the department or unit in which you belong. If no resources are available within that grouping, that is when ROW should be utilized. Your HR representative should be the only person submitting the request form for ROW assistance.

Supervisors should talk with members of their team and identify those who have both the time and the skills to assist other departments. Supervisors should share those recommendations for either a particularly defined need (a need that already has been requested), or just for general needs, through the recommend an employee form. Only immediate supervisors should be submitting these forms.

Who will be managing ROW?

The IU HR Talent Acquisition team will be managing the program.

Will it be managed separately by each individual campus?

No, we are one IU. Talent available to help others departments can be shared and utilized from one campus to another.

How will the needs be communicated?

The Talent Acquisition will maintain a listing of needs on the IU HR Coronavirus COVID-19 webpage.

Who is responsible for training and supervising the employee in ROW?

The department requesting assistance is responsible for providing any training and guidance for the assistance being requested. This includes making sure the employees has the proper access and credentials to perform the necessary role.

How will the hours of the employee be tracked?

The employee should report all hours for their work week to both their current supervisor and the person who is overseeing the ROW assignment to ensure that the current supervisor can maintain the appropriate pay codes.

When will the assistance in ROW begin and end?

The current supervisor, the requesting department and the employee involved should all mutually agree upon the hours needed and the duration of the assistance. However, the assistance cannot exceed June 30, 2020 or until IU can return to normal operations. This assistance is considered temporary and gives you no additional future rights for other opportunities at IU.

How quickly can matches occur between departments needing assistance and employees supporting the department?

Once an employee has been nominated for assisting on a particular need, the Talent Acquisition team will forward the nomination information directly to the requesting department (either that day or the next business day). If an employee was nominated with no particular need in mind, it will simply be as quickly as a department with a need sees a match for the services needed.

What if the employee started the assistance but can no longer continue to do so?

There may be times when an employee is no longer willing or able to assist another department. Since assistance is provided voluntarily and as department needs may change, this may be unavoidable. However, we ask that all parties consider the training involved and criticality of the role and ensure that the current supervisor, the requesting department and the recommended employee all communicate clearly, and in advance, any concerns or restrictions prior to starting in their assistance. As much lead time as possible from all parties involved would be appreciated.

Submitting Requests for Assistance

How can I request help for my department?

Contact your HR representative and ask them to submit an online request. The request form will go directly to the Talent Acquisition team.

Why do I need to go through my HR representative?

Many areas are already deciding to map out resources within their own workforce. The first step is for an HR Representative to verify if there are any individuals within your department/unit that may be available to assist. You should always consider employees from within your own department first. Your HR Representative will ascertain this and if no resources are available, a request will be submitted to ROW by the HR Representative.

What if the assistance needed has been completed but now the requesting department would like the employee to return and help with other related assistance needed during the existence of the ROW program?

The requesting department should first check with their HR representative to see if someone within their own department is available to provide support. If no one is available, the requesting department can work directly with the employee’s immediate supervisor to request additional assistance from that employee. Out of courtesy to the current supervisor, the requesting department should not contact the employee directly to make arrangements. Circumstances may have changed in the employee’s current department, so the immediate supervisor should be the first point of contact by the requesting department.

Referring Employees

I have an employee that can assist on the needs required. What should I do?

If you have an employee that can assist with the identified needs, the supervisor should first discuss this assistance need with their employee. If the employee is interested in assisting, the supervisor should then submit the necessary referral form. The form will be directed to Talent Acquisition and the requesting department will be notified.

Can employees self-nominate to assist?

While we appreciate the desire for our employees to step up in this time of need, we want to ensure that their immediate supervisor is aware of their intent. The immediate supervisor may have other needs that will take precedence, which is why we require the supervisor to submit the nomination form.

What if I have someone interested in assisting but there are no immediate needs for their services?

As a supervisor, you can still submit an employee for assistance to other departments. The employee’s information will be maintained in a database which will be readily available to HR representatives in order to make quick matches of needs and skills as needs arise.

Is there a limit to how many employees a supervisor can submit?

There is no limit to the number of employees that can be submitted by a supervisor.

If I am running low on work and have two employees doing the same thing who don’t have enough work to fill a day, can I transfer the work of one individual to the other and then submit the other employee to this program?

As a supervisor, you are responsible for managing your team. Please note though, not everyone submitted to assist will be asked to assist. We anticipate that there will be more people available than assistance opportunities, so you will need to distribute your work appropriately amongst your employees.

Can a supervisor require an employee to assist in another area under ROW?

These are difficult times for all. Assisting in the ROW program should be voluntary and mutually agreed upon by all parties involved. It should not be required of any employee.

Can a temporary employee on IU’s payroll be used to assist another department?

Yes, however, temporary employees must meet the eligibility requirements to continue to receive pay in order to be eligible to assist through ROW. Supervisors should work with their HR representative to prior to recommending a temporary employee to determine if the employee is eligible. Temporary employees assisting another department must still follow the rules of not exceeding their normal weekly work hours.

If I nominate an employee, are they guaranteed to assist another department?

We expect more nominations than assistance needed so not all employees nominated will be matched up with a department needing assistance.

I have an employee in a grant funded, soft-money position with the time and willingness to assist another unit with a critical need. If possible, can this employee assist a requesting department and if so, who pays for the salary?

As grant guidelines can vary, the immediate supervisor will need to indicate on the nomination submission form that the employee is funded via a grant. Using grant based employees will need to be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Can an employee from one campus be nominated to support a department on another campus?

Absolutely! The requesting department simply needs to ensure that the assistance can be done remotely.

Please note: Different employee groups (e.g., Support, Service, etc.) are eligible for certain premium pays depending on group, campus, and/or union. Departments requesting assistance should consult with the employee’s immediate supervisor to determine which, if any, premium pays may apply.

Paying Employees

How will employees be paid?

Employees will continue to be paid by their current department. In essence, they are “on loan” to the requesting department.

What happens if the employee involved ends up working overtime to accommodate the requesting department?

Overtime should be avoided as we are trying to avoid additional costs. However, if overtime is required, the department requesting assistance will be required to pay the overtime hours worked.

Will the employee receive pay for coming to campus if the assistance is considered essential and the employee is required to come to campus?

If a non-exempt employee is required to come to campus to perform an approved essential service, the premium pay will be paid by the department requesting assistance while the straight time hours would be paid for by their current department.

Will there be additional pay for employees participating in ROW?

Employees participating in ROW will be paid their regular rate of pay.

If a non-exempt employee is assisting with a department request that is considered an essential on campus task (one that must be performed on campus during this time), premium pay will be required, to be paid by the requesting department.

The use of overtime should be limited and approved in advance. If the non-exempt employee ends up assisting beyond their 40 hours in a week, overtime pay will need to be paid by the requesting department.

We have tried to foresee as many questions as possible in this FAQ. The ROW process needs to be agile, and as a result, it may need to be adjusted as it develops. We will do our best to answer any other questions that may arise. Questions should be directed to . We will update the FAQ as necessary and when applicable.