Telecommuting & Alternative Work Schedules

Employees are expected to telecommute or work on campus if they have been approved to do so by their unit head. During this time, unit heads are encouraged to be as flexible as possible to help staff and temporary employees telecommute (work from home) where at all possible.

We recognize that there may be times when employees require additional support. If you confront a particularly difficult circumstance, contact your supervisor or  or 812-856-1234 for guidance and clarification.

Visit to learn about things such as network security and computer health.


How do I telecommute or work from home?

Please refer to the resources section at the top right of this web page.

Last updated April 13, 2020

Can I telecommute while caring for a child or family member at home?

During emergency and adverse situations, HR is encouraging supervisors to allow employees to do so if they have the appropriate tools and resources.

Updated March 13, 2020

What if I choose to telecommute from a location outside of Indiana?

If an employee is physically working outside of the state of Indiana for more than 90 consecutive days within a 12 month period, the employee should notify and receive approval from their supervisor. The supervisor should then notify the department’s HR representative who will facilitate the processing of an eDoc to ensure proper out-of-state compliance for taxation, labor laws, etc. Certain states do require tax withholding for individuals living and working physically in their states once a certain time period has passed. Simply updating your mailing/home address via one.iu does NOT change physical work location for tax withholding purposes.

If you are working or plan to work remotely outside of the U.S., approval must be obtained from the General Counsel Office.

See more information about working outside of Indiana at the HR website.

Updated September 2, 2020

Can temporary or student employees work remotely?

Yes. If there is work available that they can accomplish remotely, and they have the necessary technology, they may do so if directed by a supervisor.

Updated April 3, 2020

What if I need to purchase items to work from home? Will I be reimbursed?

Any remote work-related purchases or reimbursements provided to an employee are covered by IU Policy FIN-ACC-620 and must meet the requirements listed below. These include items such as additional monitors, computers, desk chairs, home office supplies, PPE, etc. purchased for use at a personal residence.

  • Business connection requirement - Expenses that are paid or incurred by the individual should have a valid business purpose (essential to perform remote work). This is true regardless of funding source (departmental research account, etc.)
  • Substantiation requirement - The individual must substantiate each out-of-pocket business expense with a detailed record within a reasonable period of time (defined in TSOP 9.02 Accountable Plan Reimbursements).
  • IU-Owned Property - With regards to purchases made with any type of IU funds or reimbursed by IU, those items are the property of IU. Therefore, all such items are considered IU property and must be accounted for and returned to IU once the remote status has ended. 

For additional questions regarding reimbursement, contact the University Tax Services team.

Updated August 28, 2020

When should I use IU VPN?

From UITS:

You cannot connect to the VPN while on the IU network. It is for off-campus use only.

Unless you need to connect to a service that requires VPN, you do not need to use it. Use VPN when you need to access on-campus resources like shared network drives or the WCMS.

If you are using unknown or untrusted public Wi-Fi to transmit confidential financial data, or data protected by federal laws, such as FERPA  and HIPAA data, VPN is needed to encrypt data.

Use VPN only when:

  • You are trying to access a service you can't get to another way like a shared network drive
  • You do not trust the internet connection you are using
  • Your IT Pro has told you that you need to use VPN

You don't need a VPN connection to:

  • Use learning tools, such as Canvas, Zoom, or Kaltura
  • Read your IU email over the web
  • Work with your files in Box


Last updated March 20, 2020

Should I be concerned about any scams related to COVID-19?

Yes, cyber actors may send emails with malicious attachments or links to fraudulent websites to trick victims into revealing sensitive information or donating to fraudulent charities or causes. Be careful about emails with a COVID-19-related subject line, attachment, or hyperlink, and be wary of social media pleas, texts, or calls related to COVID-19.

Here are some tips from UITS for avoiding email phishing scams:

  • Trust but verify — email is not a routine method of mass communication for federal, state, or local government officials.  Verify the sender by checking their email address and reach out using an already established communication channel (e.g. phone call, instant message, etc.).  Email is an official method of communication for IU.  All messages will be digitally signed and sent from IU domains (,,, etc.).
  • Hover to discover — attackers routinely include fake links that look legitimate.  Reveal the actual URLs before clicking by hovering the cursor over or long pressing the link.
  • Don’t overshare — be careful when providing personal information. No one will ever ask you for your IU passphrase or your full Social Security Number.
  • Think before you act — cyber criminals will attempt to capitalize on your emotions. Do not rush or feel under pressure because of the urgency of the subject matter.  This is especially true for links and message attachments.
  • Know how to recover — if you provided your sensitive information to an attacker, don’t panic!  Immediately reset your credentials at (search for "Passphrase Reset").


Last updated March 19, 2020

Do non-exempt employees receive pay for travel time when commuting to and from campus?

A non-exempt employee who is making their normal home to work/work to home travel at the beginning/end of the day is not compensable. If a non-exempt employee begins their day by telecommuting then has to travel to campus to perform an approved service, their travel time is paid. Employees and supervisors should consult with their departmental HR if they have questions on whether their travel time is paid.

Last updated July 24, 2020

Work Schedules

Can my supervisor schedule me to work hours or shifts that I normally do not work?

Yes, you may be asked to work more hours or different hours than normal, especially if you have been designated as an essential employee or the university is short staffed due to an outbreak. Supervisors will attempt to provide advance notice if possible. Such changes are subject to the provisions of the work schedules and premium pay policies.

Last updated March 13, 2020

If there is a large number of employees who are unable to come to work because of an outbreak, is there a maximum number of overtime hours my supervisor can require me to work?

In the event of a serious outbreak, we all may be needed to work differently—including more hours—to ensure the university continues to function. Supervisors will make efforts to permit employees to take rest periods and may use their discretion in scheduling additional breaks for employees working additional hours.

Last updated March 13, 2020