Guide to Using COVID-19 Leaves
For Staff & Temporary Employees

The chart below details how COVID-19 related leaves are applied for staff and temporary employees. Academic employees should consult their campus academic affairs office for guidance. Keep IU Healthy (KIH) leave and the IU COVID-19 School and Child Care Leave (SCCL) can only be taken in the event an employee is unable to work on campus or remotely for qualifying COVID-19 reasons. Other requirements apply. Please see the related FAQ for details.

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Effective Date July 1, 2020 January 1, 2021
Expiration TBD June 30, 2021
Type of Leave Covered
Medical leave for self due to COVID-19 related reasons Yes No
Medical leave to care for an individual due to COVID-19 related reasons1 No No
Leave to take care of employee’s child (under 18) for child care issues related to COVID-192 No Yes
Key Provisions
Amount of leave available Varies3 12 weeks
Pay amount during leave Full pay Unpaid. Staff must use own
accrued time off in prioritized order4
Can employees use in increments smaller than full-day? No5 No
How can employees use this leave? Full-days, consecutive only6 Full-days, consecutive or non-consecutive
Minimum period of employment for eligibility No minimum period 30 calendar days
Part-time and temporary employees covered? Yes - prorated Yes - prorated
Covered employee groups All employees All employees
Payroll Coding
Payroll coding is to be entered by Payroll Processors in Kuali TIME and employees in ePTO KIH Leave Codes:

FFO (Staff)
FFP (Temporary)
FFQ (Temporary—Flat Rate)
SCCL Leave Codes:
  • Accrued Time Off (Staff)—Use the following codes and draw from balances in this order:
    • CCL (Comp Time)
    • VCL (Vacation) or PCL (PTO)
    • HCL (Holiday)
    • SCL (Income Protection or PTO Sick)
  • When accrued time off is exhausted, absent without pay time (without earning accruals) is to be recorded using:
    • ACL (Absent without pay—Staff)
    • ACH (Absent without pay—Temporary)

Note – Regular FMLA as provided by Indiana University remains available to eligible individuals for qualifying reasons. For questions regarding regular FMLA, please contact your HR representative.

SCCL may be used from January 1, 2021 through June 30, 2021 or until pertinent Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, whichever is earlier.

1 Staff may be eligible, with supervisor approval, to use their accrued time off or be absent without pay (ABS) to care for covered family members due to COVID-19 issues. See applicable PTO, vacation, and income protection policies.
2 Qualifying child care reasons include school or child care facility closures (or online only options), or if a parent chooses online learning or keeping their child home from a child care facility due to COVID-19 related reasons. Except in special circumstances, the child must be 14 years or younger.
3 KIH provides employees pay at their regular rate for any scheduled shifts missed during a 10-calendar day period, up to 80 hours, if they are required to self-isolate, are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or are required to quarantine as a result of being identified as a close contact.
4 SCCL is unpaid. Staff must use their own accrued time off in the following prioritized order: compensatory time, vacation/PTO, holiday, income protection/ PTO sick leave. Once all accrued time is exhausted, remaining time will be unpaid.
5 Generally KIH must be used in full-day increments. If a non-exempt employee is sent home in the middle of a shift due to exhibiting symptoms or because they’ve received a positive COVID-19 test, the remaining unworked hours for that day will be charged to KIH.
6 For employees working on campus, KIH must be used in full-day, consecutive blocks. Employees who are working remotely, and who are able to work, may take KIH intermittently in full-day increments.