Transcript: Indiana University Job Framework Redesign Project: It’s a new day.

[Black screen: Joyful music begins to play.]

[Words appear: It’s a new day… ]

[On screen, animated art shows the sun rising over two different houses in a split screen.]

[Words continue in center: It’s a new day… ]

[Split screen continues: An alarm goes off. A man is on the left and a woman is on the right side of the split screen in separate houses. They are lying in their beds and begin to wake up.]

[Words appear: and a new way to look at careers at IU.]

[Split screen continues: The people sit upright and stretch their arms. In between the screens, hats begin to pop up with a bubble popping sound that represent different careers. First, a nurse cap and a firefighter helmet pop up, followed by a police officer cap, a chef hat, construction worker helmet, and finally a straw cap with a bow.]

[Words appear: See all available jobs]

[Split screen continues: The police officer cap and straw cap quickly disappear, followed by the chef hat and firefighter helmet.]

[Split screen continues: A magic wand sound is heard. The nurse cap remains with the individual on the left and the construction worker helmet remains with the individual on the right. This demonstrates that that the individuals have chosen the career they are interested in.]

[Words appear: and pursue what’s right for you.]

[Screen cuts to a continued split screen in their bathrooms. They are both brushing their teeth over their sink. Their bathrooms are decorated with Indiana University art.]

[Screen cuts to a close-up of a foggy mirror with an Indiana University sticker on the bottom right side of the mirror. The man wipes the fog off of the mirror, creating a squeaking sound, and words appear.]

[Words appear: Get a clear view of jobs across all campuses.]

[Video cuts to the woman watering her plant in the living room. There is an Indiana University poster framed to the left, with a construction worker helmet, protractor, and a compass on the table.]

[Video: As the woman waters the plant, the plant grows taller and taller, audibly stretching.]

[Words appear: Grow your skills and your career]

[Screen cuts to a split screen, the man on the left and the woman on the right. They both stand outside their homes using their mobile phones.]

[The man is wearing scrubs and standing next to a bike with medic kit on it. The woman is wearing a construction worker helmet.]

[The screen cuts to a close-up of a mobile phone screen. A location pin with an IU logo appears at the bottom left side of the phone followed by several other pins in a zig-zag pattern along a wavy path. Words are at the top of the phone.]

[Words appear: and choose your own path.]

[Video: The man clicks one of the pins and the screen zooms into the selected pin. A magic wand sound is heard.]

[Screen cuts to a split screen showing the exterior of two buildings with location pins above them to represent them as career destinations.]

[The man rides his bike into the frame from the left, as the woman walks into the frame from the right. As they stop, the woman places her arms on her hips and they both smile as they get ready to head to their jobs. A bicycle bell rings.]

[Words appear: Guide your own career with the new job framework.]

[Screen goes to black]

[IU trident appears]

[Words appear: Learn more at:]

[IU trident and words fade out]