In-Depth: Career Structures & Career Levels

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In the job framework, roles (jobs) are categorized based on the primary duties and responsibilities using pre-built career structures and career levels. Using consistent language to define the types of roles gives you a clearer picture of how you can advance your career.

The structure below represents how roles are organized in the job framework, click inside to explore it.

Non-Exempt - Individual Contributor get more information
Exempt - Individual Contributor get more information

Career Structures

The three colored boxes above represent the three career structures: Non-exempt – Individual Contributor, Exempt – Individual Contributor, and Exempt – People Leader. These structures categorize all roles based on the nature of their primary duties and responsibilities.

Click the career structure info button (info icon) to view information about each of the career structures, including definitions of what generally constitutes a role in that structure and the system titles related to that structure.

Career Levels

Each career structure contains multiple career levels. These levels represent roles according to typical work dimensions common among all roles at that level, regardless of job function or job family.

Most roles will be represented at multiple career levels within a career structure; however, not all roles will have all career levels. Career levels account for growth in complexity and higher level duties and responsibilities for roles.

Click the career level titles to view how work dimensions are defined at each level.

See how you can use the job framework to navigate career options in a step-by-step example.

How the Framework Helps Your Career

Clearly defining the type of responsibilities and skills related to jobs and showing how they are related to each other gives you a better view of opportunities to advance your career.

Notice that each career structure overlaps another. This is intentional—it shows the potential for multiple career paths and emphasizes that career evolution doesn’t have to be linear.

For example, an individual with a role in the Exempt – Individual Contributor structure at the “Career” level can explore progressing to the Operational level of the Exempt – People Leader structure (depending on qualifications, skills, and competencies). That individual may also explore progressing to the next level within the Exempt – Individual Contributor structure: Advanced—a more linear path.