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September 2018
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Breastfeeding in the Workplace–Online Webinar Series

From Healthy IU
By Julie Newsom

Whether you are a mom, soon-to-be mom, supervisor, or supporter, join us for this first-of-its kind webinar series. For many working moms and dads, thriving with the responsibilities of both work and family is a fulfilling, and sometimes challenging, dance. And if mom is breastfeeding, part of that dance is finding the resources she needs to pump milk while she’s at work.

Supporting all working parents is critical. For breastfeeding mothers, allowing time throughout the day to pump is required by law. But questions can arise: Where can the break occur? How long does it typically last? How often will a break need to be taken?

To help members of the Indiana University community find solutions to these questions, as well as offer tips and guidance, Work + Life, part of Healthy IU, has created an online webinar series, “Breastfeeding in the Workplace.” Registration for any or all of the following webinars is open now.

“Creating a supportive environment for breastfeeding mothers is not always intuitive,” said Angela Reese, MSW, IU work + life coordinator. “This series aims to help breastfeeding mothers learn about the options available to them at work. It also provides ‘support for the supporter’—information for supervisors to be welcoming.”

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the United States Breastfeeding Committee, when breastfeeding is a viable option and/or choice, there are unique benefits for mom, baby, and employers.


Lowers blood pressure

Decreases cholesterol levels

Lowers rates of breast and ovarian cancer

Reduces risk of diabetes

Reduced bleeding after giving birth

Decreased instances of postpartum depression

Burns calories that can contribute to post-pregnancy weight loss

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Reduces rates of type 2 diabetes and incidence of obesity

Decreases rates of leukemia and lymphoma

Fewer and less severe respiratory and gastrointestinal infections

Reduced risk of developing asthma and allergies

Strengthened immune systems

Fewer instances of constipation and diarrhea

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Increases employee productivity and loyalty

Fewer days missed due to illness of baby

Decreases turnover

Decreases health care costs

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