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By Julie Newsom

There’s a new resource for all your work-life needs.

The Work + Life section of the Healthy IU website offers a new, robust listing of work-life resources for IU employees. Best of all, every IU campus is represented with local, campus-specific information. No matter where you are located or what you’re looking for, you can find it at the Work + Life section.

“IU is committed to a workplace culture that appreciates its employees and their diverse needs for individual and family well-being—and it provides many resources to help accomplish that,” says IU Work + Life Consultant Angela Reese, MSW. “The first step in making sure employees can easily access those resources is organizing them in one place. That’s what the new webpages do.”

Healthy IU has curated all of the existing work-life information and resources into a single comprehensive, university-wide online resource. Topics covered include:

  • Child and Parenting: Child care, early learning resources, information for working parents, and more
  • Breastfeeding Support: IU breastfeeding coverage, wellness rooms for nursing mothers, and more
  • Elder and Adult Care: Find a caregiver, backup care, self-care for caregivers, and more
  • Mental Well-being: Stress management, counseling resources, alcohol and substance use treatment assistance, and more
  • Alternative Work Schedules: Read IU’s Alternative Work Schedule policy, learn about different styles of alternative work schedules
  • Home and Pet Care: Find pet sitters, groomers, dog walkers, or help with housekeeping, errands, and house sitting
  • Work + Life Classes and Webinars: Education on Work + Life topics at your fingertips
  • Navigating Work and Personal Life: Retirement and investment, education and enrichment, financial management, and more
  • Enjoy Indiana: Fun and interesting ways to get active around your city and campus

work and lifeWork + Life: What’s in a name?

“The term ‘work-life balance’ has helped bring awareness to the fact that our work and personal lives both deserve our care and attention (especially in this digital age of constantly being ‘on’). But ‘work-life balance’ doesn’t go far enough,” says Reece. “I like to say it’s more of a ‘work-life synergy,' because the values, skills, and energy we bring to work and life affect one another.

“When we feel good at home, we bring that positivity to work. When we can pursue our passions at work, we are happier at home. And vice versa. It’s not about dividing our time between work and life; rather, it’s about investing in ourselves at every level so we can live our best life no matter where we are.”

“Acknowledging the whole person is important, (physical, mental, financial, social, etc.),” says Patty Hollingsworth, director of Healthy IU. “That is why Healthy IU added the Work + Life section to its website—wellness doesn’t begin and end at our front door.”

Check out the Work + Life section of the Healthy IU website and see what resources and support it offers. As President McRobbie recently wrote, “The power of IU lies in its people.” Work + Life provides tools for you to live your best life, at work and beyond.