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February 2018
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The Job Framework Redesign Project: Rethinking Staff Careers at IU

redesign process

IU Human Resources recently launched a website dedicated to one of its HR2020 priorities: a comprehensive review of the compensation process and structure. The Job Framework Redesign Project will help staff rethink careers at IU and create a job classification structure that accurately reflects today’s IU workforce while also preparing for the future.

After spending eight months collecting feedback from leaders, managers, HR representatives, and others across the university, the HR Compensation Team has begun redesigning the job classification structure as part of the Job Framework Redesign Project. The project will focus on appointed staff positions; academic positions will not be evaluated as part of the project.

The Job Framework Redesign Project will not eliminate jobs or affect base salary. The goal of the project is to create a job framework for staff that is clear, simple, flexible, user-friendly, and aided by technology.

Moving from the current classification structure to a new job framework will create clearly and consistently defined jobs, career levels, and role descriptors, and will help reveal the diverse career and development opportunities at IU.

You can follow the team’s work at The website has background information on the project, timelines, frequently asked questions, and opportunities to provide feedback. It will be updated over the course of the project to help you understand what the new job framework will look like.


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