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This form should be filled out if you are having a problem or a question related to support of the ePTO system. Please provide as much detail as possible to speed the response to your inquiry.

Review the Quick Answers before submitting this form.


No submit button?

  • Submit button doesn’t display until the first calendar day of the next month.

  • Submit button will not display on a month until the prior months are all approved.

Accrued Balance question?

  • The accrued balance does not update with the month’s activity until the month is approved.

How do I change an employee’s supervisor?

  • Update the “reports to” value using the “Maintain Position” eDoc.

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If this relates to a role setup, please include the position number of the employee to whom the role will be given and the position number of the supervisor to which the role relates. Use the following boxes:

      Role Position number:   Supervisor Position number:

      Role requested:


For a policy question please see policy Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy for Professional (PA) Staff

If you're unable to access your ePTO calendar, please confirm that you're a PAE employee.


Please provide as much detail as possible about the issue you are encountering or the question you are posing: