Building a Collaborative HR Community

Over the course of five years, we will establish ways to further build our HR Community. We will begin with a comprehensive evaluation of HR services to determine areas of focus that will drive higher levels of consistency, quality, and efficiency. We will also better define HR roles and responsibilities, building an HR Community that partners well, holds each other accountable, and provides increased development opportunities for all HR team members.


HR Organization Redesign (Complete)

Design and implement an HR Organization Delivery Model and Structure that meets customer needs.


September 2016

  • Brand Strategy Workshop held with IU Communications.
    1. Brainstorm the strategic brand pyramid outlining the brand personality, brand assets, functional benefits, and emotional benefits
    2. Develop an effective and meaningful brand position strategy
    3. Identified core brand promises and proof points for each promise

July 2016

  • New HR Organization Redesign finalized and rolled out.

April 2016

  • New HR Delivery Model finalized and rolled out.  The new organization is based on a customer-centric model that builds HR capabilities. There is a critical link between the HR organization and Indiana University’s strategy and the individual strategy for each unit / campus. The core work of HR will be driven by the strategic priorities of the university. Every aspiration we have for Indiana University’s future has a critical people component associated with it.
    1. HR Business Partners (HRBP): Defining Needs/Leading Action
    2. Centers of Expertise (COE): Designing Solutions
    3. HR Operations: Delivery/Execution

October – December 2015

  • HR Activity Survey administered to staff across the university who perform HR activities.
  • HR Customer Survey administered to all HR employees and select clients from all divisions.
  • Focus groups held to determine what HR does well and what HR can do to improve.
  • HR Strategy Workshop held to determine strategic priorities and goals.

HR Community Engagement (In Progress)

Define and implement initiatives at fostering a strong, more collaborative culture within HR.


April 2016

  • First HR Community Meeting held on the IU Bloomington campus. We established meetings twice a year for the entire HR community across the university to come together to provide professional development, continuing education and an opportunity to network with colleagues from other departments, units and campuses. Visit the Meetings page for archived presentations, videos, and more.

HR Competency Framework (In Progress)

Develop and implement an HR Competency Framework to be used in all aspects of HR talent management, specifically hiring, training and development, career path progression, and succession planning.


March 2019

  • The first HR initiative aligned with the IU Staff Competencies arrived with the launch of the core competency-based behavioral interview guides to be used in university-wide recruitment. Initial core competency-based behavioral interview training for HR Business Partners began and will be completed by the end of April. Training includes usage of related tools and behavioral interview best practices. This process helps ensure a more consistent interview practice where competencies are assessed and a consistent candidate experience where competencies are communicated as expectations.
  • Core competency-based behavioral interview training for Authorizer 2’s in the PeopleAdmin system was introduced. All who attended have been given secured web access to the interview guides and additional resources.

February 2019

January 2019+

  • Communicate core competencies university-wide and begin connecting competencies to recruitment, development, and performance-related HR projects.

April 2018

  • Shared core competencies with the university-wide HR community to create a broad understanding of staff core competencies.

March 2018

  • Implemented a university-wide practice: All background checks for new employees and rehires—in accordance with the IU background check policy—must be successfully completed before the candidate can begin working in a staff/temporary position at the university. Hire eDocs will only be approved by IU Human Resources once the background check has been successfully completed.

January 2018

  • Developed a set of core competencies to set a standard for employee performance. These are applicable to all staff positions and will be integrated into many HR projects.

July 2016

  • To further guide individual development planning, five key HR competencies were identified across all HR jobs and defined by each of the levels of career progression in each tier of jobs. These competencies provide consistent evaluation and requirements across all jobs and transparency of what is required at all levels for career development.

HR Professional Development (Future Project)

Create and implement an HR Professional Development Program.

HR Mentoring Program (Future Project)

Develop and implement an HR Mentoring Program.