HR2020 is Indiana University Human Resources’ dynamic pursuit to efficiently meet the needs of our customers. We are building an HR Team that fosters a strong culture, grows people, and delivers nimble and adaptive processes that meet the changing needs of our employees and the university.

When we achieve our HR2020 vision:

  • IU will be an employer of choice.
  • Competent and cross-trained HR staff will deliver a positive, caring, and consistent HR experience.
  • The right resources will be available to support the needs of employees and HR professionals.

Feel free to browse the HR2020 website to learn more about this initiative.

HR2020 is a dynamic pursuit to deliver a transparent 20/20 vision to meet the needs our customers. Our goal is to ensure that HR helps employees, departments, and campuses accomplish their most important objectives while creating an environment where faculty and staff members feel engaged in their work and valued by the university.

HR2020 Initiatives

Learn how the HR Community supports IU as a premier education and research institution by:

Building a Collaborative HR Community

We will establish ways to further build an HR Community that is highly skilled, relationship-driven, and consistent.

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Customer Service & Process Efficiency

We will evaluate and redesign HR services to achieve easy access for employees and transparent communication.

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Increasing Employee Engagement

We will build an environment of employee engagement, empowerment, and improvement where employees feel valued and appreciated.

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