Frequently Asked Questions



Where can I get more information on benefits?

View the IU Benefits Video.

Browse the information on the IU Human Resources Web site.

Contact IU Human Resources.

I have specific questions about benefits. Who can I talk to?

You can contact our staff with any benefit questions:


    Phone: (812) 856-1234

What is the deadline to enroll in benefits?

You have 30 days from your hire date to enroll yourself and eligible dependents in most benefit plans. When enrollment is received within 30 days of the date you became eligible for benefits, coverage will be retroactive back to your hire date. If you do not submit enrollment within 30 days, you will not be eligible to enroll in certain benefit plans until the next Open Enrollment period with coverage effective January 1, unless you experience a family status change.

A note about retirement: If you do not enroll in the base retirement plan within 30 days, you will still be enrolled—you do not have to wait for Open Enrollment. IU's contributions will be made and will go to the plan's age-appropriate default fund.

Retirement Plans

What is my base retirement plan?

Employees designated as Support Staff or Service Maintenance are paid biweekly, and Temporary with Retirement employees. Effective July 1, 2013 and after, these employes sare eligible for the Retirement & Savings Plan.

Academic employees and employees designated as Professional Staff are eligible for the IU Retirement Plan.

Email with questions.

Can I open accounts with both TIAA and Fidelity and select investments with both?


Enter a percentage for each one plan after opening an account with one or both companies on the appropriate web site.

How do I change the percentages I want to go to TIAA and/or Fidelity?

Access and change either the university contribution in the base plan or your deferral amount  (current contributions) online at the Employee Center at One.IU.

Can I make changes to my investments at any time?

Yes, but contact the company to discuss any short-term trading fees or other restrictions that may apply to specific investments. Make changes using your login on the company web site or by calling the number listed on your statement.

Is there anyone I can meet with to help me with plan questions or investment choices?

Yes, University Retirement Program Services offers individual counseling services for all eligible IU retirement plan participants. To ask a question or schedule a meeting, email. Additionally, the University’s two approved investment companies,  TIAA and Fidelity, offer investment counseling services on all campuses. Visit the Individual Retirement Planning page for information about scheduling an appointment. 

If I open an account with TIAA can I later move the account to Fidelity or vice versa?

Yes, simply access and change your percentage amount online at the Employee Center at One.IU. Then, open an account at the IU-specific web site for Fidelity or TIAA.

When will I be vested in the IU Retirement Plan (for eligible employees)?

Participants in the IU Retirement Plan may be subject to vesting. If you are a participant in the IU Retirement Plan, visit the IU Retirement Plan Vesting page for vesting requirements.

When will I be vested in the Retirement & Savings Plan (for eligible employees)?

Participants in the Retirement & Savings Plan may be subject to vesting. If you are a participant in the Retirement & Savings Plan, visit the Retirement & Savings Plan page for vesting requirements.

Where can I get more information about IU’s contributions to the retirement plans for which I am eligible?

For more information about the University’s contributions, visit:

Where can I research investment choices before I open an account?

See the IU-specific web sites for TIAA and/or Fidelity.

Can I save some of my own money in addition to the contributions Indiana University makes?

Yes. IU encourages employees to contribute towards their retirement, but does not require them to do so. Employee contributions may be made using one or both of the Supplemental Retirement plans.

If I do not enroll in a supplemental plan within 30 days, can I enroll later?

Yes, at any time you can enroll in one or both of the supplemental plans by completing a form then establishing an account.

Can I Increase, decrease or stop contributions at any time?

Yes, using the Employee Center at One.IU

Can I enroll and contribute to both IU supplemental plans?

Yes. Each plan offers an additional contribution limit, allowing employees to save even more toward retirement. Additionally each plan offers a “catch up” contribution limit for employees over the age of 50.

Is there a difference between IU’s two supplemental plans?

See the Web page at for a comparison and contrast of the two plans. Employees can participate in both plans.



Can I still submit a paper enrollment form?

It is preferential that you submit your elections online. Employees who use online benefit enrollment will receive an email summary of their elections upon submission. However, if you require a paper enrollment form, you can contact us at or (812) 856-1234 to request a form.

Online enrollment

How to enroll online

How do I sign-up for my benefits online?

To enroll in benefits through Self Service:

1. Log in to the Employee Center at One.IU
4. In the Benefits Information window, click Benefits Self Service.
5. Click Select in the Benefits Enrollment Screen.
6. Enter benefit selections.
7. Click Submit.
8. Check your IU email account for confirmation of your selections.

Can I change any benefit elections I have already submitted?

If you are still in the 30-day new hire benefit election period, you can change benefit elections. Contact us at or 812-856-1234 to request additional changes. Changes to the base retirement plan are not subject to the 30-day deadline.

What happens if I enter my benefit selections online, but did not submit them?

Your benefit selections for each benefit plan will be stored in the online application, but not finalized until you submit all of your choices to University Human Resource Services. So, if your session times out, or you need to leave the benefit enrollment web site and come back later, all of the benefit choices you selected will be saved.

Can I use the "Back" button within the online benefit enrollment application?

It is not recommended that you use the "back" button while in the application. The system is structured so that elections you make in earlier parts of the enrollment process affect information on screens toward the end of the process. It is recommended that you use the navigation on the page within the form, which is generally found at the bottom of each page.

Is the benefit enrollment application available 24 hours a day?

Employee Self-Service functions, including the online Open Enrollment form, are available anytime except for:

Monday - Saturday 5:00 am - 6:00 am
Sunday 12:01 am - 8:00 am

What should I do if I have questions or problems with the system?

If you have any questions or problems with the One.IU portal, contact your campus Support Center. Information on the Support Center at your campus can be found online at the UITS Help & Support webpage.

Browser compatibility, computers, and locations

Are there certain browsers that do not work with the benefit enrollment application?

Yes. The Safari browser is not supported. Using this browser will not display the Online Open Enrollment Form correctly. We recommend using Internet Explorer on Windows or Firefox on Windows or Mac.

Can I access the benefit enrollment web site from my home computer or a computer at the library?

Yes. Online Open Enrollment is available from a remote location, including your home or public library. Employees will be required to use their IU username and passphrase to gain access to the Employee Center at One.IU.

What if I don't have access to a computer at work or home?

Employees are able to log on to any IU computer with their username and passphrase. You can also use a computer at the public library or at a friend’s home.

Username and passphrase questions

I don’t know my username to login. How do I find it?

At Indiana University, a username (also known as your Network ID) is the name with which you access systems on the IU network. For faculty and staff, your IU username is the part of your IU email address before the @ (at symbol), for example,

What if I don’t remember my passphrase?

At Indiana University, your passphrase is the password with which you access systems on the IU network. If you have forgotten your passphrase, you can reset it by using the instructions at the Knowledge Base: Your IU passphrase webpage.

What if I know my username and passphrase, but I still can’t log in?

First, try resetting your passphrase (see What if I don’t remember my passphrase?). If you still cannot log in, contact your campus Support Center. Contact information for the Support Center at your campus is found at the UITS Help & Support webpage.

What if I don’t have a username or passphrase?

Go to the Account Management Service website and follow the instructions to create your computing account. Note: You will need to know your 10-digit University ID number to create your initial accounts.

Can I use the username and passphrase I use to log in to my computer at IU?

Yes. The username and passphrase you use to sign on to your computer and access the IU network is the same as what you will use to access the Employee Center at One.IU.