Jobs at IU Application System Transition

Information for Job Applicants

On October 1, 2019, the Jobs at IU system for staff jobs at Indiana University changed. PeopleSoft Talent Acquisition Management (TAM) replaced PeopleAdmin as the job posting and applicant tracking system for all staff and temporary jobs. This does not affect academic job postings.

The new system offers internal (current IU employees) and external applicants an improved candidate experience with an intuitive, mobile-friendly interface and improved search capabilities.

All job postings can still be found at Current IU staff employees should log in using the “Current IU employees” button so internal job postings can be viewed. All other applicants should log in to the external candidate posting system.

Any jobs applied for before October 1, 2019 using the legacy system (PeopleAdmin) can be managed in that system through December 20, 2019. Log in to the legacy system.

If you have resumes or cover letters in the legacy (PeopleAdmin) system that are not saved elsewhere, retrieve them now. If not retrieved, they will be lost and not recoverable.

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Information about the transition and frequently asked questions are below—click a timeline event or scroll down for more information. This page will be updated throughout the project and Indiana University employees will learn more in IU communication vehicles. If you still have questions, please askHR.


Pilot Phase

During the pilot phase, current IU employees and external applicants will continue to search for available jobs in the existing PeopleAdmin system accessed via When applying for IU Human Resources (IU HR) or University Information Technology Services (UITS) jobs included in the pilot phase, applicants will follow a link to create an account in PeopleSoft TAM. Instructions will be provided, as needed. Any account information previously entered in PeopleAdmin (the older system) will NOT be carried over into PeopleSoft TAM.

University-Wide PeopleSoft TAM Go Live

Beginning October 1, 2019, all applicants will apply for staff jobs using the new Jobs at IU system (PeopleSoft TAM) available at Current IU staff employees should log in using the “Current IU employees” button so internal job postings can be viewed. All other applicants should log in to the external candidate system.

Any PeopleSoft TAM accounts created during the pilot phase are available in the new system. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As an IU employee, how will this transition affect me when applying for jobs internally?

During the pilot phase, IU HR and UITS jobs will still be posted in PeopleAdmin, available via If you apply for one of jobs included in the pilot, there were be a link to redirect you to apply using the new PeopleSoft TAM system. You will be asked to enter your IU Login information and PeopleSoft TAM will auto-populate much of the information required for your new PeopleSoft TAM account.

Upon university-wide go live of PeopleSoft TAM on October 1, 2019, PeopleAdmin will be shut down for job postings and all job postings going forward will be available in PeopleSoft TAM.

How will training for the new system be conducted?

The PeopleSoft TAM system was created to be user-friendly and easy-to-use. If you are familiar with online job application systems, no training should be required. Additional information you require will be provided as needed via the PeopleSoft TAM system.

Will my profile data or resume in PeopleAdmin carry over to the new system?

No, your data in PeopleAdmin will not transfer. You will need to create a new profile in PeopleSoft TAM the first time you apply using the PeopleSoft TAM system.

If you have a resume or cover letter saved in PeopleAdmin, be sure to save it to your computer, phone, etc. before October 1. If not retrieved, it will be lost and not recoverable. PeopleAdmin users will be notified via email to take action prior to October 1.

If I apply to a job included in a pilot, will PeopleSoft TAM retain my data when the system goes live university-wide?

Yes, the first time you apply for a position in PeopleSoft TAM, whether or not you do so in the pilot program, the system will retain your profile going forward.

Will I have to manage my applications in both PeopleAdmin and PeopleSoft TAM?

If you have applications in both, yes. For a period of time, the two systems will be overlapping. Applications submitted using PeopleAdmin will be managed with PeopleAdmin through December 20, 2019, when that system is retired. Any applications submitted in PeopleSoft TAM will be managed in PeopleSoft TAM.

What will happen to my applications in PeopleAdmin I submitted prior to the transition?

All job postings in PeopleAdmin will be removed on September 30, 2019. However, applicants will be able to continue using PeopleAdmin to check the status of applications submitted in PeopleAdmin through December 20, 2019. Hiring managers and recruiting teams will also have the ability to review your application submission and continue the hiring process in PeopleAdmin through December 20, 2019. At the end of business on December 20, 2019, all job postings that have not been filled in PeopleAdmin will be closed. Your PeopleAdmin data will not be saved or transferred into the new system.