Recruitment-Selection Plan Checklist

IU Human Resources


Date Initiated:


Position #:


Position Title:




Account #:


Dept Contact:

Name ________________________________________

Phone #______________________________________


Position Description written or updated.

Form submitted to IU HR for position classification if position is new or if duties have changed significantly.

Position announcement prepared.


If UHR determines position is not identified as underutilized:


Position listed internally to unit of the functional classification only (except all Staff employees are eligible to apply for PA positions) and all appropriate employees in unit notified of vacancy.


Position listed in Jobs@IU through OLA.


Request for external advertising through UHR identified.


Position listed in other external sources, following policy for external advertising. (Attach list of sources and copy of ad.)

If position is identified as underutilized:


Position listed externally, following policy for external advertising. (Attach list of sources and copy of ad.)


Office of Affirmative Action or UHR consulted for identification of recruitment sources to reach protected class groups.


Professional journals, organizations, and other sources specifically serving minority or women contacted. (Attach list of sources.)

Selection Process

Search & Screen Committee identified, if used. Attach list of names/titles of Committee members.

Interviewers established and order specified. Attach names and schedule.

Interview questions prepared and range of answers identified. Attach copy.

If requested, identify what work samples will consist of. Attach list.

Applications reviewed and cut-off for interviews identified. Attach description of how cut-off was determined.

Interview schedule prepared. Attach list of applicants with date/time of interview. Identify those applicants who were interviewed on the Applicant Viewing screen in OLA.

Interviews conducted. Note any unusual situations such as missed interviews.

References checked. For each candidate, attach a list of who was contacted, questions asked, and responses for each reference.

Credentials verified.

Final Selection

Offer made and accepted.

Criminal history check completed.

Other applicants notified.

Close out listing in PeopleAdmin

  • Identify the candidate who "accepted" the position.
  • Notify UHR if you don't intend on filling the position


E-Doc initiated by hiring department.

I-9/E-Verify completed.

All applications and materials used in the selection process, including this checklist, will be maintained in the department for three years. IU HR maintains electronic files of the basic application, work history/resume, skill certification, and attachments (cover letter, resume).



Name Printed:


Date Completed: