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Roles & Responsibilities

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Form I-9/E-Verify

Standard Users/Form I-9 Initiators

Units designate the role of a HireRight I-9 platform Standard User to individuals in the unit. These individuals must be Indiana University employees. HireRight I-9 platform Standard Users have the following responsibilities:

  • New users are required to take the Form I-9 Compliance training prior to receiving their credentials.
  • New users should review the Form I-9/E-Verify training material available on the IU Human Resources website.
  • New and existing users should attend I-9/E-Verify training classes when the classes are provided.
  • Log into the HireRight I-9 platform and initiate a new I-9 by entering basic new hire information.
  • Once the employee completes Section 1 of the I-9 complete, Standard Users must complete Section 2 of Form I-9.
  • Review the original document(s) presented by the employee that show his or her identity and employment authorization. The employee must be present while the document(s) are being examined.
  • The employee must stop working if Section 1 or 2 of the Form I-9 are not completed by the required deadlines.
  • The E-Verify case will be submitted automatically by the system once Section 2 of the Form I-9 is completed if the Form I-9 contains a SSN.
  • Respond to any cases which require further verification or confirmation such as a Re-Verify or Photo Match so the E-Verify case will close.
  • View E-Verify results for Confirmation or Tentative Non-Confirmation of employment eligibly, immediately notify your TNC Administrator or Academic Affairs offices respectively of an E-Verify Tentative Non-Confirmation result, and refer the employee to that office.

Human Resources and Academic Affairs

IU Human Resources and Academic Affairs have the following responsibilities:

  • Upon notice from the hiring unit or HireRight that E-Verify results indicate a Tentative Non-Confirmation to work, the respective IU HR or Academic Affairs office will ensure that the employee is informed of such Tentative Non-Confirmation, assist the employee in submitting a request to DHS or SSA for resolution, and follow-up for final disposition.
  • IU HR or Academic Affairs will notify the hiring unit:
    • To terminate the individual’s employment if the employee does not request resolution from DHS or SSA, or if after reconsideration, DHS or SSA indicates a final Non-Confirmation of eligibility to work;
    • to continue the individual’s employment if DHS or SSA responds with a Confirmation of eligibility to work; and
    • to inform the employee of the final results. HR or Academic Affairs will then close the case.

Criminal Background Check

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