Retirement Plan Enhancements
Retirees and Former Employees

If you have an account balance in one or more of the IU retirement plans, the upcoming changes may affect you even if you are now retired or no longer employed by IU.

Download the Information for Retirees and Former Employees Brochure to learn about your options, key dates to be aware of, and actions you need to take, if any.

What Are My Options?

You have the following options for your vested account balances in these plans:

  • Leave your retirement savings in the IU retirement plans to take advantage of the new investment menu.
  • Rollover all or a portion of your vested balances into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or another employer’s retirement plan (if allowed by your new employer).
  • Request a taxable distribution of all or a portion of your vested account balance.

Remember, any distributions you take, other than a direct rollover, are taxed as ordinary income. IRS penalties may apply on distributions if you are younger than 59 ½.

Are You Receiving a Distribution?

If you are receiving a required minimum distribution (RMD) or systematic withdrawal from an IU retirement plan, you may need to take action to continue receiving your RMD or systematic withdrawal. Check back for important details regarding your distributions in the next few weeks.

Where Can I Get Help?

On-site education seminars, webinars, and an expanded calendar of individual financial consultations with Fidelity representatives will be offered at every IU campus. Visit the links below for details: