Retirement Plan Enhancements:
New Retirement Plan Fees

Investment management and recordkeeping fees are currently paid by participants  through the expense ratios of the investment options they have selected under the IU retirement plans. It is not transparent what fees are being paid for each service, and because the price is asset-based, as a participant’s account balance goes up, his or her administrative fees go up, even though the level of service remains the same.

By moving to a single recordkeeper, overall administrative recordkeeping fees under the IU retirement plans are being reduced. Additionally, administrative recordkeeping fees are being separated from investment management fees.  Separating administrative recordkeeping fees from investment management fees will create greater transparency regarding what you are paying for each service. Recordkeeping fees will be charged as a quarterly flat dollar amount per participant, and will be automatically deducted from your account.

  Plan Fee
Core Fees
Annual Recordkeeping Fees
Fee listed is per year, billed quarterly and automatically deducted from your account(s).
IU Retirement Plan $28
IU Retirement & Savings Plan $28
Tax Deferred Account (TDA) $28
457(b) Plan $48
Transaction Fees
Loan Initiation Fee Tax Deferred Account (TDA)
457(b) Plan
$35 per loan initiated
Loan Maintenance Fee (per outstanding loan maintained by Fidelity) $3.75 per quarter
Full Distribution All Plans $25 per check/EFT
Investment Related Services
BrokerageLink All Plans $0 account fee
See Commission Schedule