Open Enrollment Instructions

Before Open Enrollment

During Open Enrollment (October 26 – November 6)

  • Complete online Open Enrollment:
    1. Go to and search for Employee Center.
    2. Select the Employee Center application.
    3. Click on the Benefits tile.
    4. Click the Start Open Enrollment button.
    5. Enter benefit elections for each plan:
      • Review your medical and dental elections. You can add, change, or drop coverage as well as dependents.
      • Complete the Tobacco-free Affidavit for yourself and your spouse (if applicable). You must complete the affidavit each year, even if you are not changing medical plans. The affidavit can be found at the bottom of the medical plan enrollment page.
      • Complete the TSB Healthcare and/or Dependent Care sections, if applicable. You must re-enroll in these accounts each year to participate.
      • Review your Supplemental AD&D elections. You can add, change, or drop coverage.
    6. Click Submit to send your elections to IU Human Resources
  • Check your IU email account for confirmation. If you do not receive an immediate email confirmation, the enrollment process was not completed.
  • Log out, especially if you are using a public computer.

What if I don’t have internet access?

Submitting your elections online is the preferred method; however, those without internet access are permitted to download and submit a paper enrollment form, available on the Open Enrollment Forms page. Do not submit your elections by more than one method (online and paper). Doing so could cause errors or delays in your benefit enrollments.