IU Health High Deductible Health Plan

The IU Health High Deductible Health Plan (IU Health HDHP) includes comprehensive coverage for medical, prescription, vision, behavioral health, and organ transplant services with no pre-existing condition limits or waiting periods. When you elect the IU Health HDHP, you are also eligible to elect a Health Savings Account (HSA), a special tax-advantaged bank account to help cover out-of-pocket costs.

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Plan Basics


This plan combines traditional medical coverage with a Health Savings Account (HSA), which gives you greater flexibility and discretion over how you use your health care dollars. With this plan, the annual deductible must be met before plan benefits are paid for services other than in-network preventive care, which is covered at 100%.

The IU Health HDHP plan exclusively uses the IU Health provider network. This plan does not offer out-of-network benefits except in the case of an emergency, urgent care when more than 50 miles from home, or for a dependent of an Indiana-Resident employee when the dependent lives out of the state of Indiana for reasons other than medical treatment.

2021 Monthly Premiums

Monthly Employee Contribution
Employee’s Annual Base Salary*
Below $35K
$35K -
$60K -
$100K -
$150K -
$200K -
and Above
Employee-only $36.83 $49.38 $64.57 $81.46 $99.01 $120.64 $140.09
Employee & child(ren) $66.30 $88.90 $116.25 $146.63 $178.20 $217.14 $252.15
Employee & spouse $97.61 $130.87 $171.14 $215.87 $262.36 $319.69 $371.23
Family $ 117.87 $158.02 $206.65 $260.68 $316.80 $386.03 $448.28

* The employee’s salary band is determined by the annual base salary at the time payroll runs each month. For School of Medicine full-time faculty who receive a portion of their pay from an IU Health or VA paycheck, annual base salary includes both IU base salary and certain IU Health fixed and/or variable compensation, as determined by the School of Medicine.


Employee contributions are deducted before taxes.

Subtract $25 per month for an employee or spouse ($50 for both) who do not use tobacco and complete a tobacco-free affidavit.

Annual Deductible

The deductible is the amount you must pay out of pocket before the plan will begin to pay benefits. The deductible applies to all medical and prescription services except wellness/preventive.

In-Network: $2,700 for employee-only coverage / $5,400 all other coverage levels


Coinsurance is the percent of a covered health care service you pay after you have paid your deductible. For example, if your coinsurance is 20%, you pay 20% of the cost and the plan will pay the other 80%.

In-Network: 20% after deductible

Out-of-Pocket Maximum

The out-of-pocket maximum is the most you will have to pay during a policy period for health care services. Once you have reached your out-of-pocket maximum, the plan begins to pay 100% of the allowed amount for covered services. All coinsurances and deductibles apply towards this maximum.

In-Network: $3,400 for employee-only coverage / $6,800 all other coverage levels

Prescription Benefit

Retail (up to 30-day supply)
In-Network: 20% after deductible
Out-of-Network: No Coverage

Retail at CVS Pharmacy (up to 90-day supply)
In-Network: 20% after deductible

Mail Order (up to 90-day supply) and Specialty (up to 30-day supply)
In-Network: 20% after deductible
Out-of-Network: No Coverage

There is no coinsurance or deductible on most contraceptives, and no deductible on preventive prescriptions.

Additional Services

The following program is part of the IU Health HDHP Plan:

As an Indiana University Health Plans member, you have access to IU Health Virtual Visits. When you need immediate treatment and do not have time to visit your primary care physician, you have convenient access to IU Health providers directly from your smart phone, tablet, or computer.



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Top Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the IU Health HDHP.  

Where can I find my IU Health ID Card?

Once your enrollment in the plan has been processed, IU Health will mail you an official membership packet and ID card(s). If you’ve lost your permanent ID card, you can request a new one by calling IU Health Member Services at (866) 895-5975.

What is a Health Savings Account (HSA)? 

The Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-advantaged bank account that can be used to pay for IRS-qualified health expenses for you, your spouse, and your tax dependents. Enrollment in the Anthem PPO HDHP or the IU Health HDHP allows enrollment in the HSA. For more information, visit the Health Savings Account page.

What are Preventive Services?

Preventive services are covered at no cost when network providers are used. Preventive services include physical exams, well-child visits, immunizations, lab tests (e.g., Pap, PSA, cholesterol), contraceptive services (e.g., IUD’s and sterilization), and other screening diagnostic services like mammograms and colonoscopies. You can view Preventive Medical Services or call IU Health Customer Service at (866) 895-5975 for more information.

How do I find a health care provider?

The IU Health HDHP plan exclusively uses the IU Health provider network. Visit the IU Health site to search for an in-network provider by location.

What pharmacies can I use?

CVS Caremark pharmacy network includes most retail chain pharmacies, such as CVS, Walmart, Target, and most supermarket and club pharmacy chains. To locate network pharmacies or check prescription coverage and costs, visit the Caremark.com or the Caremark app.

Does the plan include Vision Wear coverage?

Yes. Vision Wear coverage is provided through EyeMed Vision. Coverage is included in your enrollment in the medical plan, but vision services have their own schedule of benefits and network providers separate from medical benefits. Visit the Vision Wear benefit page for more information.

What is Transition of Care? What do I do if I am in the middle of a medical treatment when I enroll?

Transition of care coverage is medical coverage that may be available to you and/or your dependents if you are a new member of IU Health Plans or your doctor leaves an IU Health Plans network. Transition of care coverage allows you to continue to receive treatment for covered services with a doctor and/or facility that does not participate in an IU Health Plan’s network. This coverage is for a defined period of time until the safe transfer of care to an in-network doctor and/or facility can be arranged. Download the Transition of Care FAQ or Transition of Care form for more information.

More IU Health HDHP FAQs

Customer Service Contacts

Medical – IU Health Plans
Member Services: 866-895-5975

Prescription - CVS Caremark
Member Services: 866-234-6952
Mail Order Services: 866-234-6952

Vision - EyeMed Vision
Member Services: 866-804-0982

Health Savings Account – The Nyhart Company
Member Services: 800-284-8412
iu.nyhart.com (available after account is opened)

IU Human Resources 
Benefit Questions: 812-856-1234
Benefit Email: