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Indiana University has contracted with Castlight to provide employees and their adult family members enrolled in an IU-sponsored medical plan help with finding in-network medical services and prescription drugs based on price and quality of care. Castlight also provides a step-by-step review of past medical spending for both medical services and prescriptions so members know how much they paid and why.

Why Use Castlight

The healthcare system can be complex and confusing, but Castlight makes it easier to use. Three simple facts will help members get more out of their healthcare benefits:

  1. It pays to compare. For medical services and prescription drugs, there is a wide range of prices, depending on the location. Out-of-pocket costs for a standard office visit can range from $80 to $250. For other types of visits, lab tests, and X-rays, the range can be even greater. It pays to compare the cost of services to make smart health care decisions.
  2. Better care doesn’t have to be expensive. Studies show that paying more doesn’t necessarily mean getting better quality care. Prices for healthcare services are not set based on a doctor’s education or ability. Instead, a high price usually means that a doctor belongs to a large group or hospital that was able to command a higher price from the insurance company. 
  3. The member is in charge. The member has the right to choose the care that is right for them. The doctor is the expert to guide medical care, but this same doctor may not realize the importance of cost, quality, or convenience. Prescription drugs work the same way. Prices for drugs can vary if there is a generic equivalent available on the market.  The member has the right to know all options and then make the choice that works best.  

What Castlight Does

Castlight gives the member information to make smart healthcare decisions. Use the website or call to:

  • Search for a primary care physician for any family member and find provider profile information, the provider’s gender, where they went to medical school, how long they have been practicing, and if they are accepting new patients.
  • Learn more about prescription drug options. Discover in-network pharmacies nearby and compare costs for filling specific prescriptions either at a retail pharmacy or mail order.
  • Know where you stand in your deductible by logging in to the tool to see what claims have accumulated towards the deductible and how much is left to meet over the course of the year.  The deductible and out-of-pocket update upon each login.
  • Look up prior medical claims by reviewing past spending for healthcare and see annual deductible balances.
  • Estimate personalized costs for medical services based on the medical plan and amount of deductible that has been met.
  • Compare in-network doctors, facilities, and medical services based on prices and patient reviews.
  • Review step-by-step explanations of past medical spending so you know how much you paid and why.
  • Receive helpful tips about ways to reduce medical and pharmacy bills while locating high-quality care.
  • Get an electronic medical plan ID card and find other resources on a smartphone by using the Castlight Health mobile app. Get the Castlight mobile app.

Castlight is personalized to each member. When it shows the price for a service, it is based on the contracted price negotiated by the medical plan, as well as the member’s deductible status.

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