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Which eDoc to Use (General eDoc Definitions)

On this page: Academic-specific tranactions | When an employee … is hired | changes positions | takes leave | has a job maintained | ends employment | is given additional pay

This guide is an effort to assist you in determining the appropriate eDoc to use to complete a particular employee transaction. While the list is not comprehensive, we’ve provided the most commonly used eDocs for staff and temporary employees as well as certain academic transactions. The discussion below assumes you’ve completed the necessary steps to obtain HR eDocs access and that the access has been granted. Below is the eDocs section of the HRMS Portal page that you will be directed to when selecting the HRMS task in One.IU.  

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Academic–specific Transactions

Administrative Posts

Note: The ability to maintain (edit) an Administrative Post is available on most eDocs. This eliminates the need to process a separate eDoc.

Renew Contract


When an Employee is Hired

Add New Person

Note: All non-US citizen or permanent resident hires require special processing. As soon as you have an accepted offer for a non-student, non-US citizen, or permanent resident, you should contact the Office of International Services. They will conduct the Search/Match and submit the Add New Person or Maintain Person eDoc and supply you with the University ID.

Maintain Person

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Position Information

Hire Employee


When an Employee Changes Positions

Promote, Demote, Transfer

Use Promote Employee/Demote Employee eDocs when…

An employee moves from one position to another position and the salary plan of the old position is the same as salary plan of the new position, but when…

Use Transfer Employee eDocs when…

The Transfer Employee eDoc provides logic to make sure that movement from one position to another is recorded by the appropriate action reason. In the notes below the transfer definitions are sorted by transfer action reason.

 Examples (For Staff positions)


When an Employee Takes Leave

There are three eDoc transactions to choose from when an employee takes leave from a staff appointed position. The definitions below outline which eDoc to use for the appropriate situation. The three separate transactions are: Leave of Absence, Short Work Break and Suspend Employee. For all of these employee activities transactions, an expected return date will be needed. A follow up activity using the Return to Duties eDoc will need to be completed to return the employee to active status for any of their activities. 

For Academic Leave of Absence transactions refer to the SOS document: Academic Leave of Absence


When an Employee’s Job is Maintained

Maintain Pay Rate

Maintain Funding vs Maintain Time Assignment


When an Employee Ends Employment

Terminate (Retire) Employee


When an Employee is given Additional Pay

Create Additional Pay

For further details refer to the SOS documents:

Maintain Additional Pay

For further details refer to the SOS document: Maintain Additional Pay


For further questions about any eDoc transaction, contact your HR representative or the HRMS Support Center.