Transfer Employee

The Transfer eDoc is used when an employee is moving from one position to another. The Transfer eDoc is generated by the hiring department.

Transfer eDoc Process

Transfer Document Lookup:

Look up the employee that you want to transfer by entering available information that you have into the appropriate areas and clicking on search button

Click on Transfer Employee Document under the Actions column and the Effective Date screen will appear

Effective Date:

Effective Date is the date on which the transfer takes effect.  The information is in effect until a new entry is made with a more current effective date.  The Effective Date usually defaults to your system's current date.

Enter the Effective Date and the position number of the position into which the employee is transferring.

Action Reason:

Use the lookup as needed. Click on search button.  This will take you to the Action Reason Selection screen.  A description of the Action Reasons is listed below the screenshot.


Transfer to Academic (ACT)

Use when an employee transfers to an academic appointment. 

Temp with Ret to Staff (HPS)

Use when a Temporary with Retirement employee transfers to a Staff Monthly or Staff/Professional Biweekly position.

Intercampus Transfer (ICT)

Use when a staff employee transfers from one physical campus location to another.

Lateral Transfer Within Staff (LTS)

Use when a staff employee transfers from one position to another position with the same job level in the same or different job family, or when an employee transfers either from or to a position in a job family without a job level.

Non-Lateral Transfer Within Staff (NLS) – different position number

Use when a staff employee transfers from bi-weekly to monthly status, or when a staff employee transfers from monthly status to bi-weekly, or when a staff employee transfers to a different salary plan.  May be in the same or different ORG.

Return from Temporary Appt (RTP) – different position number

Use when a staff employee returns to normal job/position duties after a temporary or interim assignment.  May be in the same or different ORG.

Staff to Temp with Ret (SHP)

Use when a Staff employee transfers to a Temporary with Retirement position.

Transfer to Staff (STT)

Use when an academic employee transfers from a position of AC1 salary plan to any Staff/Professional Biweekly or Staff Monthly position.

Transfer to Temporary Appointment (TPA) – different position number

Use when a staff employee assumes another position on a temporary or interim assignment.  May be in the same or different ORG.

NOTE:  There are different Action Reasons for Temporary Employees

Temp with Ret Transfer (HPF)

From = Regular or Student Temporary, Temporary with Retirement

To = Temporary with Retirement only

Select this Action/Reason when an employee is transferring to a Temporary with Retirement position from any other Temporary position.

Transfer within Temporary (WIH)

From = Any Temporary position

To = Any other Temporary position

Select this Action/Reason when an employee is transferring to any Temporary position (except Temporary with Retirement) from any other Temporary position (except Temporary with Retirement).


Select the Action Reason and the Transfer page appears.

Job Data:

Review and if necessary, change the Standard Hours and/or Compensation Rate.

Select continue button and you will be taken to the Job Funding screen.


Review Job Funding, and if correct, click on the appropriate action button(s) below.  If not, select Add/Remove Earning or Add/Remove Accounting Line and correct as needed.

Notes and Attachments - should be used for information related to processing of the eDoc. This field is helpful for approvers to prioritize activities, especially for those with large action lists. Notes and Attachments are available for viewing in the route log that is accessible during document search and on the action list. Due to the fact that route logs are available to all users through the document search, confidential information should not be entered in this field. Some examples of phrases that may appear in the notes and attachments:

- Please process immediately

- Urgent

- Disapproved

Click on the appropriate action button.

SUBMIT = select when you have completed the e-Doc and are ready to automatically route the document where it will be approved and eventually saved to PeopleSoft.

SAVE = this action Saves to your Action List in order for you to retrieve it at a later time to complete it.

BLANKET APPROVE = an action used by an approver when they need to approve an e-Doc without submitting the document to the entire routing chain.

CLOSE = closes the document once the data entry is complete.

CANCEL = cancels the entire e-Doc.  It will be necessary to begin the e-Doc again from the initial data section.

Clicking on submit button to send the eDoc to be approved and the following screen will appear.  You will be notified that you have routed the eDoc successfully.

Click continue button to close the Document Confirmation window.

For an overview of routing, select Electronic Routing Overview.

Once the document is routed, you can perform a Document Search to see where the eDoc is currently.

NOTE:  A note will automatically be attached when the document is routed showing the current PeopleSoft value and what the value has changed to in the eDoc. This happens after the document is routed.  Below is a sample screen shot of a Transfer, showing the changes.