Return from Short Work Break

1.  Follow the footpath to get to Job Data screen and enter all available employee information in the appropriate fields.

2.  Click search.

A) If there is more than one entry under that University ID, a list of available choices will appear.  

Click on your choice to access the record.

B) If there is only one entry, the record will automatically appear.

In either case, the next screen will look like this:

3.  Once you get to the Job Data Screen, click on the plus.  This will allow you to create a new action record. 

4.  Change the Effective Date, if necessary. (The current date appears automatically)

5.  Choose the appropriate Action/Reason by clicking on the drop down and selecting Return from Wrk Break.  

Note: Employee must be on a Short Work Break in order for you to return him or her.

6.  Select the three-letter code or click on magnifying glass to use the lookup menu.  You will find the following Reason options for the Action of Short Work Break:

7.  Click on RWB.

8. Click on the Employment Data link.

Click on .

Remove the Expected Return Date.

9. Click on the Earnings Distribution link.

From the Earnings Distribution Type drop down menu, click on None.

Click on magnifying glass below *Earn Code and the Lookup Earn Code screen will appear.

Click on lookup to see a list of available choices.

Find and click on LVE.  It will automatically appear in the Earn Code field on the previous screen.

Enter 100 in the Distrb % field.

Note: By selecting None, HRMS will reset the *Earn Code to REG and the Distrb % to 100.000 (100% of the earnings should be attributed to the REG Earn Code, since the employee has now returned to duties from the work break).

10.  Refer to the Job Funding user guide as the final step to complete the Return from Short Work Break process.

11. Click save to complete the Return from Work Break action.  This will save into the HRMS database all of the information that you have entered.