Recalling an Employee from Suspension

1. Follow the footpath to get to Job Data screen and enter all available employee information in the appropriate fields.

2.Click search.

  1. If there is more than one entry under that University ID, a list of available choices will appear.

Click on your choice to access the record.

  1. If there is only one entry, the record will automatically appear.

In either case, the next screen will look like this:

3. Once you get to the Job Data Screen, click on the plus. This will allow you to create a new action row.

4. Change the Effective Date, if necessary. (The current date appears automatically)

5. From the Action/Reason drop down menu, click on Recall from Suspension/Layoff.

Note: Employee Status must be “Suspended” when completing this action.

6. Click on magnifying glassto the right of the Action/Reason drop down menu.

7. Click on lookup and a list of available Reason Codes will appear.

8. Click on your choice and it will automatically appear in the appropriate field on the previous screen.

9. Click on the Earnings Distribution link.

Note: If the employee was suspended with pay, DO NOT COMPLETE this section.

The resulting screen will look like this:

10. From the Earnings Distribution Type drop down menu, click on None.

11. Click the OK button to continue.

Note: The system will automatically reset the Earn Code and Distrb %.

12. Click on the Employment Data link.

The resulting screen will look like this:

13. Click on .

14. Delete any information from the Expected Return Date field.

15. Refer to the Job Funding user guide as the final step to complete the Recall from Suspension process.

16. Click save to complete the Recall from Suspension action. This will save into the HRMS database all of the information that you have entered.