Pay Rate Change

1. Follow the footpath to get to Job Data screen and enter all available employee information in the appropriate fields.

2. Click search.

A) If there is more than one entry under that University ID, a list of available choices will appear.

Click on your choice to access the record.

B) If there is only one entry, the record will automatically appear.

In either case, the next screen will look like this:

3. Once you get to the Job Data Screen, click on the plus. This will allow you to create a new action record.

4. Change the Effective Date, if necessary. (The current date appears automatically)

5. From the Action/Reason drop down menu, click on Pay Rate Change.

6. Click on magnifying glassto the right of the Action/Reason drop down menu.

7. Click on lookup and a list of available Reason Codes will appear.

Use the following guidelines when choosing a Reason code:

Reason Description Comments
ADJ Adjustment  
RCL Reclassification Must follow a POS/RCL action inserted automatically when a position is reclassified
STH Change in Standard Hours For Monthly EEs when compensation changes due to an increase or decrease in standard hours


8. Click on your choice and it will automatically appear in the Reason Code field on the previous screen.

9. Based upon the reason code you chose, use the following guidelines to change other fields as necessary:

ADJ Adjustment

1. Click on compensation.

Under pay components change:

Comp Rate

RCL Reclassification

1. Click on , change:

Pay Group

2. Click on .

Under change:

Rate Code

Comp Rate

Under , change:

Compensation Frequency

Note: the "Frequency" and "Compensation Frequency" fields must contain the same values.

STH Change in Standard Hours

1. Click on Job Information, change:

Standard Hours

2. Click on Compensation.

Under Pay Componenents change:

Comp Rate

10. Click on the Benefits Program Participation link.

11. If the pay rate change lowers the pay rate to an annual salary where the employee qualifies for health care plan subsidy, enter the word SUBSIDY in the Elig Fld 3 under Benefit Eligibility.

12. Refer to the Job Funding user guide as the final step to complete the Pay Rate Change process.

13. Click save to complete the Pay Rate Change action. This will save into the HRMS database all of the information that you have entered.