Names and Addresses in Bio/Demo Data

Names are a critical element in all areas of the system (search/match, campus community, etc.)

Name is particularly important in the search/match process, especially when none of the ID numbers of a person are known.  The system searches on name in the initial entry phase and indicates when possible duplicates are present.

Name Types

Primary: HR/AcadHR legal name, which must match that as recorded by the Social Security Administration.  This name type will also be used on the official student record.

Preferred: The name a person might use for non-official purposes (IU address book) and on certain documents (communications, transcripts etc.).

Degree: Used if a request is made for a name other than Primary to appear on a diploma.

Name and Data Entry Conventions

Single Word Names
Single Word Names must be entered in the format of:  Enter the first name as: “FNU”, then enter name given as the last name.  

Name Changes and Updates
While changes to preferred name may be completed by the employee in the Employee Center, any change/correction to Primary name type (legal) must be submitted to the central HR Office and accompanied by legal documentation for verification. When there is a name change submission, the employee will be instructed that the name type Primary must also match the employee’s name that is on file with the Social Security Administration.  

The initiator must complete the Maintain Person eDoc.

Address Standards

United States Postal Service (USPS) address conventions should be followed.

When the USPS does not have a specific address convention that is needed (in order to provide consistency), contact the HRMS Support Center and they will recommend specific conventions.

The following is a list of helpful address information/tips:

For further information refer to the USPS Postal Addressing Standards.