Maintain Person eDoc

The primary purpose of the Maintain Person eDoc is to maintain personal and bio/demo data.  Often this is in conjunction with a Hire.  Additionally, the Maintain Person eDoc is used to resolve issues that occur as a result of a bio/demo validation failure during the Hire process (Bio/Demo Validation SOS).  If the initiator determines the bio/demo data needed is not available, the Personal Profile Form, can be sent to the individual to fill out and submit any updates. 

While some changes to personal data may be completed in the Employee Center, certain information must be completed using the Maintain Person eDoc (for example: IU Office address).

1. Select the ID type, enter the Id number, and click SEARCH and records that meet the search criteria will appear.

NOTE: It’s best to try to obtain the University ID, but if you don’t have it, you may utilize the other available search options below.

screen shot

2. Click on Maintain Person Document in the Actions column.  Add the effective date of the information change. Enter all of the required fields and click CONTINUE.

screen shot

Please ignore the Enter I-9 Info selection box.   All new and returning employees are required to complete an I-9.  See the procedures for completing the Form I-9 on the Employment Eligibility Verification page on the UHR website.

For information regarding expiration and re-verification of I-9, for International hires, refer to the I-9 Information business processes paper on the SOS website: IU Sponsored Employees

3. Click CONTINUE.

screen shot

Enter any changes necessary to the Bio/Demo Information, making certain to complete the required (*) fields.  Note that any changes you make will be highlighted in yellow.

The First and Last Name is the legal name of the person. It is case sensitive. If you have an abbreviation for the middle name, enter it without a period.

The Preferred Name is the name by which the person wants to be identified. For example, a legal name of Peter, but he prefers Pete. Preferred Name is the name type that appears in places such as the Outlook Address Book. If there is no Preferred Name, this can be left blank.

Notes and Attachments

Below is a typical note you might add.  You may also add an attachment such as a spreadsheet, PDF file or a Word document.

screen shot

Take Action

During document preparation you may want to save or close the eDoc to finish it later or for whatever reason you may have a need to cancel it. Otherwise, once you have reviewed your document and you are ready to route it, you will be presented with the possible actions listed below.

submit button save button close button cancel button


submit button

Take this action when you have completed and reviewed your eDoc and you are ready to submit for routing.

save button

This action saves the eDoc back to your Action List if you need to complete and route it at a later time.

close button

This action closes the eDoc and appears once you save, cancel or submit for routing.

cancel button

This action cancels the eDoc for you. Please use the cancel button rather than the “X” in the upper right corner of your browser screen. Closing an eDoc using the “X” in your browser, will leave the eDoc in INITIATED status, causing any further actions on the employee’s record to be blocked without help from the HRMS Support Center.


Once you’ve reviewed your eDoc one final time, select submit to route the eDoc for approval.  The eDoc should say, “Document was successfully submitted.”. Now select close at the bottom of the document. Note that the status has changed from “INITIATED” to “ENROUTE”.

The full screen will appear as below:

screen shot