Job Funding Overview E-Docs

This overview does not cover job funding for the following E-Doc transactions: Hire Employee, Create Position, Job Inquiry, Maintain Position, and Position Inquiry.

Job funding for the Hire Employee transaction is explained in the Hire User Guides.

The Create Position, Job Inquiry, Maintain Position, and Position Inquiry transactions do not require job funding.

Job Funding must be reviewed for all E-Doc transactions not mentioned above. If there are no changes to job funding, you can simply click one of the route buttons.

A properly completed job funding looks like this:

If you need to change Job Funding, follow the following instructions.

  1. In order to modify the Earning Code page, select the Edit Earning Link.

    Complete the required fields on the Earning page. If the position is budgeted (Exempt or Non-Exempt), click on the CFS Tracker box. Change the Funding Type if necessary.

    Enter the Work Area using the Lookup as needed. HRMS Work Areas are used to determine which Payroll Voucher an employee will appear on. When hiring employees or maintaining job funding E-doc users will need to select an HRMS Work Area.  

Funding Types

Funding by percent is where a department can assign percentages to each account to determine how much of the total earnings for the period will be paid out of the account. For example, a department could elect that 75% of an employees earnings be funded by one account and 25% of the employee earnings be funded by a second account.

Funding by amount is where a department can identify specific amounts of the total earnings to be paid from designated accounts. For example, if an 12-month staff employee’s total earnings for a given month are $3000 then a department can identify that $1500 is to be paid from account 1, $500 from account 2, and $1000 from account 3. In order to ensure that all the earnings have an account to be charged it is also necessary to have a residual account (check the residual box).

Funding by account is for hourly employees only. This allows a department to list all of the accounts that an hourly employee could be paid from and record the hours appropriately on the voucher.

  1. Click on Edit Accounting Line and complete the required fields.

Split Accounts

In order to add multiple accounts (if your funding is split), click on the Add Accounting Line, complete the required fields making sure that your total account percentages add up to 100 percent. Below is an example which has two accounts at 50/50.

The Job Funding is now complete - there is a New Earning with a New Accounting Line based on the effective date of the transaction.