Hire Temporary* Employee eDoc

*Note this employee type was formerly known as Hourly

Hire Employee eDoc Process

Hire Employee Document Lookup

  1. Based on the employee information that you have, select the ID type from the drop-down menu and click on it. If this is a new person to the university, you must complete the Add New Person eDoc prior to the hire eDoc
    • ID Types:
      • National ID: Social Security Number
      • University ID: HRMS generated 10-digit number
      • Name & Birth date: first and last name of person and birth date
screen shot of Hire Employee Document Lookup
  1. Enter the University ID number in the ID field, click search, and any employee record that met the search criteria will appear.
screen shot
  1. Click on the Hire Employee Document link in the Actions column and the Effective Date section will appear. 

Effective Date

screen shot
screen shot

Click on, return value and the position will automatically fill in.

Hourly (now known as Temporary) position types include the following:

  • Temporary Staff
  • Temporary with Retirement
  • Student Temporary Staff
  • WorkStudy

All of the temporary employees in your department will fall under one of these pooled positions.  A pooled position is one that allows many employees to be hired into the same position number.

NOTE: If you do not find the position you are looking for, you will need to initiate Create Position eDoc for your department for that salary plan.  For example, if you are hiring a student Temporary Staff (HS) and did not see that position from the lookup, you will need to select Pooled Position Template on the create position eDoc.  Refer to the Create Position eDoc instructions.

Now click continue button and the Action Reason Tab will appear.

screen shot

Action Reason

  1. For Hire Temporary Employee eDoc, the action of Hire (HIR) and the action reason of Hire (HIR)   are automatically selected for you. 
  2. Primary Job: HRMS requires that an employee have one and only one Primary.  As such, eDoc logic will take care of this for you.
    1. Based on the effective date and the position chosen (in this case Temporary Staff pooled position), the “Primary Job” indicator will provide default values. You may leave the default value selected.

Job Data

Complete the Job Data Information, entering the information in all the “*” required fields.  Use the lookups as needed (Salary Grade – if applicable and/or Compensation Rate).

screen shot

Now click continue button

Earnings Tab

The Earnings section has four required fields:  Funding Type, Work Area, Earning and Accounting Line(s).

  1. Before you select a Work Area confirm that the Funding Type, shows as Timekeeping.  Most      Temporary Employees participate in Timekeeping.   Select a Work Area from the lookup.  If you know the Work Area you can enter it directly into the field.  You do not have to look it up.
  2. Task is optional, but may be used by your department; if so, select a Task assignment.
  3.  Select a Voucher Code from the lookup button imageIf you know the Voucher Code you can enter it directly into the field.  You do not have to look it up.
  4. Then click on add account.  Select an Account from the lookup button image.  Again, if you know the Account number you can enter it directly into the field.  You do not have to look it up.
  5. Also add the percent charged to this Account.  Note, since you can add multiple accounts, the percentage total must equal 100%; if only one account just enter 100%.

The full screen will appear as below:

screen shot

Notes and Attachments

You can open Notes and Attachments by clicking on – (show) in that section.  Enter your note in the Note Text field and click (add).  Helpful hint:  When working in your eDoc, it is best to expand it fully, otherwise the add button on the note and attachment section may not appear on your screen and if you forget to click on add, you will lose any notes and/or attachment(s).

See below how a note appears once it has been added; it will show your name as the author and list a Date/Time Stamp of when you added it.

screen shot

Take Action

During document preparation you may want to save or close the eDoc to finish it later or for whatever reason you may have a need to cancel it.  Otherwise, once you have reviewed your document and you are ready to route it, you will be presented with the possible actions listed below.

submit button save button close button cancel button


submit button

Take this action when you have completed and reviewed your eDoc and you are ready to submit for routing.

save button

This action saves the eDoc back to your Action List if you need to complete and route it at a later time.

close button

This action closes the eDoc and appears once you save, cancel or submit for routing.

cancel button

This action cancels the eDoc for you. Please use the cancel button rather than the “X” in the upper right corner of your browser screen. Closing an eDoc using the “X” in your browser, will leave the eDoc in INITIATED status, causing any further actions on the employee’s record to be blocked without help from the HRMS Support Center.


print cover sheet When you click on the Print Cover Sheet icon, you are taken to a cover sheet that may be used when mailing paper documents to your central Human Resources or Payroll Office. The address that appears on the cover sheet will direct you to where the documents should be mailed.   Many forms are now filled out electronically for various online enrollments, but you may have paper documents that need to be mailed in through campus mail, and this cover sheet will direct you to the appropriate office.


Now that you have reviewed and are ready to route your eDoc, click submit button and the eDoc should say, “Document was successfully submitted.”. Note that the status has changed to “ENROUTE”.

screen shot