Hire Staff Employee eDoc

Hire Employee eDoc Process

Hire Employee Document Lookup:

  1. Based on the employee information that you have, select the ID type from the drop-down menu and click on it. If this is a new person to the university, you must complete the Add New Person eDoc prior to the hire eDoc.
    • ID Types:
      • National ID: Social Security Number
      • University ID: HRMS generated 10-digit number
      • Name & Birth date: first and last name of person and birth date

  1. Enter the number in the ID field, click search button, and any record that met the search criteria will appear.

  1. Click on the Hire Employee Document link in the Actions column and the Effective Date section will appear.

Effective Date:

  1. Enter the Effective Date of the hire (the first day employed).
  2. Enter the position number the person is being hired into, using the lookup as needed - see example below.
    • The following is an example of a Position Lookup screen. Enter as much information as you have to narrow your search. After entering the information, select  search button and a list of positions will be displayed.  


  1. Click  continue button  

Action Reason:

  1. Hire is selected from the Action drop down, select Hire (HIR), (or Temporary Appointment if it is one) for the Action Reason.

  1. Primary Job: HRMS requires that an employee have one Primary job at any given date during employment. Payroll and Benefits are both heavily reliant on this field and invalid choices can result in benefit program termination. As such, eDoc logic is built to avoid common error situations.
    1. Based on the effective date and the position chosen (pooled vs. benefits eligible), the “Primary Job” checkbox will provide default values. A few examples will illustrate this best.
      1. Employee has one job in a pooled (hourly) position and they are hired into a concurrent job that is benefits eligible. The Primary Job checkbox will checked (Primary) and not editable by the initiator.
      2. Employee has multiple jobs in pooled positions and they are hired into another concurrent job in a pooled position. The Primary Job checkbox is not checked but the initiator can change the value.
      3. Employee is in a benefits eligible, appointed position and is hired into a concurrent job in a pooled position. The Primary Job checkbox will not be checked (Secondary) and will not be editable by the initiator.
  2. Click continue button when you are ready to complete the Hire. Notice the information that you have previously entered is contained on the Job page displayed below. If you discover you have made a data entry error in an editable field of a previous section, click return to go back to that section and make your correction.

Job Data:

  1. Complete the Job Data information, entering information in all the "*" required fields, using the lookups as needed.  Required fields in this section include Standard Hours and Compensation Rate.
  2. Click continue button and the Earnings section will appear.


The Earnings section has four required fields: Work Area (if needed), Voucher Code, and under “Add Accounting Line”, Account and Percent. 

  1. Add the Work Area (if there is one required)
  2. Click on the magnifying glassto lookup the Work Area and the Hire: Work Area Lookup screen will appear. Note: If you know the Work Area you can enter it directly into the field. You do not have to look it up. Click search button and the available choices will appear.
  3. Click on your choice and it will automatically appear in the appropriate field on the previous screen.
  4. Enter the Voucher Code.
  5. Click on “Add Accounting Line”.
  1. Enter Account and Percent.

Click on the magnifying glassto lookup the account. Note: If you know the Account you can enter directly into the field. You do not have to look it up.

Click  search button  and the available choices will appear.

Click on your choice and it will automatically appear in the appropriate field on the previous screen.

Enter the percentage amount (e.g. 100 or 50) into the percent field, click submit button, and you will return to the Hire: Job Funding screen. If funding is split between two or more accounts, see the Split Accounts - Job Funding Tutorial for more information.

Notes and Attachments - should be used for information related to processing of the eDoc. This field is helpful for approvers to prioritize activities, especially for those with large action lists. Notes and Attachments are available for viewing in the route log that is accessible during document search and on the action list. Due to the fact that route logs are available to all One.IU users through the document search, confidential information should not be entered in this field. Some examples of phrases that may appear in the notes and attachments:

- Please process immediately

- Urgent

- Disapproved

  1.  Review Job Funding, and if correct, click on the appropriate action button(s) below. If not, click Edit Earning or Edit Accounting Line and correct as needed.
buttons: submit, save, blanket approve, close, cancel

SUBMIT = select when you have completed the eDoc and are ready to automatically route the document where it will be approved and eventually saved to PeopleSoft.

SAVE = this action Saves to your Action List in order for you to retrieve it at a later time to complete it.

BLANKET APPROVE = an action used by an approver when they need to approve an eDoc without submitting the document to the entire routing chain.

CLOSE = closes the document once the data entry is complete.

CANCEL = cancels the entire eDoc.  It will be necessary to begin the eDoc again from the initial data section.

  1. Click submit button.  The eDoc should say “Document was successfully submitted,” in red at the top of the page.

  1.  At the bottom of the screen, after the document has been successfully submitted, click print cover sheet.

  1.  Fill out the cover sheet indicating the supporting documents that you have.   Mail the cover sheet along with the documents to the address that is listed on the sheet.
  2. Click close and the document will disappear.
cover sheet