E-Doc Approver Instructions

Note: To review instructions on a particular E-Doc, go to the Electronic Documents - Initiators in Contents, and select User E-Doc Guides where you will find a list of E-Doc and accompanying directions.

1. In One.IU navigate to the eDocs tab in the HRMS Portal and open your Action List.

Your Action List is displayed in the upper left hand corner and will indicate how many documents you have.  You can simply click on the hyperlink and the list will open.

2.  This will list all of the documents there are for you to APPROVE, ACKNOWLEDGE, or COMPLETE.  Select the Doc Id to open up the document that has been routed to you for approval (Action Requested = APPROVE).  

Note:  For instructions on how to personalize your Action List, go here:   Action List Options

Note: To see the document routing information, click on the Route Log and you will be able to view the information as shown in the following example

In order to complete the action (which will then remove the document from your Action List, click on the Routing Id as in the screen shot below and then complete the document's action request.

Once you have completed the action, it will be removed from your Action List.


You can send an email to anyone in the routing chain by clicking on the underlined name.


If you make any changes to editable fields during routing and approval, that change will be automatically documented as a Note with the approve's Network ID in the Author field when the document is routed or approved.  (see sample below).  You are also encourage to write an additional notes on the document explaining the changes.  Also, email those in the previous routing, including the initiator, explaining the changes.


NOTE:  Changes to the transaction made by Final Approvers (central office) should be made on the E-Doc PRIOR to saving to PeopleSoft.  This will ensure the PeopleSoft transaction matches the audit trail in the E-Doc system.

Notes and email notifications should be utilized if an E-Doc transaction is modified during the routing process.  This will ensure that initiators and previous approvers are aware of any subsequent changes to the original transaction.  

The Effective Date of any transaction cannot be changed once the initiator routes the E-doc (includes central office users).  Disapproval of the transaction is the only option if the effective date is not correct.  The importance of understanding how to use effective dates is critical to avoid redoing the E-doc.


save Saves the E-doc to your Action List to be completed later.

approve Approves the document and routes it to the next approver on the routing chain.

disapprove Disapproves the document.  An annotation will be put on automatically, stating it is disapproved and the document is routed back to the initiator and any other approvers who have opened the document.  A Note should be written describing the reason for the disapproval with action steps

notes Initiators and approvers can add notes to the electronic document as it is being routed through the approval process.  Notes should be used for providing details about the transaction being routed.  Notes are only available to initiators and users who are part of the routing process.  They are not saved in PeopleSoft but are stored within the E-doc database.

print Sends the E-doc to the printer.


3.  Select Approve and the Document Confirmation screen appears.  Click one of the routing buttons to continue.

confirm Confirms the approval and routes it to the next on the routing chain.

cancelTakes you back to the document where you can review it.

annotateShould be used for information related to processing of the E-Doc.  This field is helpful for approvers to prioritize activities, especially for those with large action lists.  Annotations are available for viewing in the route log that is accessible during document search and on the action list.  Due to the fact that route logs are available to all One.IU users through the document search, confidential information should not be entered in this field.  Some examples of phrases that may appear in the annotation:

- Please process immediately

- Urgent

- Disapproved

4.  After selecting confirm you will see the Document Confirmation indicating that it has been approved and is routed to the next on the chain.

To see where the document is, you can do a Document Search from your Eden Channel and enter the Routing Id.