Add New Person eDoc

The Add New Person eDoc is used in the hiring process to create or “add” a new person to HRMS. The eDoc initiator typically has the Personal Profile Form, where the individual has indicated that they have no previous employment/affiliation with Indiana University. 

Our policy is to make sure that each individual affiliated with the University has one and only one University Id.  Consequently even when an individual indicates no previous affiliation with the University, the eDoc initiator still needs to check the system to confirm the individual’s status.

There are two ways to determine if an individual has been affiliated with Indiana University before initiating an Add New Person eDoc.  The initiator may use either:

If you select User Inquiry you will see the following page:

sceen shot

If you select Hire Employee Document Lookup you will see the following page:

screen shot

The Personal Profile Form is a good source for obtaining any of the necessary search criteria needed above.

All non-US citizen or permanent resident hires require special processing through the Office of International Services. Refer to the Add New Person - International section of this manual.

Add New Person eDoc Process

Initial Information:

screen shot

Note: The University Id will initially populate as “NEW” and when the document is saved to the database, PeopleSoft will automatically assign the 10 digit University Id. Although U.S. Citizen is the default value, you may use the dropdown box provided to assign the U.S. Citizenship Status. 

screen shot

Complete all of the required fields (*) using the lookups magnifying glass as needed. Campus, Department and Position type are required to help determine where your eDoc will route for approval. Typically, the Effective date of the Add New Person eDoc is the date entered and should not be future dated. However, you may have a reason to back date the effective date.

If you attempt to future date the effective date, eDoc logic will issue the following error message:

Errors found in this section (screen shot)


Finally, leave the Enter I-9 Info checkbox blank.

Note: The Form I-9 and E-Verify process must be completed in the HireRight system within three days of employment.  See the Employment Eligibility Verification pages on the IU HR website for additional information.

Next, select contiune button. If you discover you have made a data entry error in an editable field of a previous section you may select return button to go back to that section and make your correction.


Enter the biographic/demographic (Bio-Demo) information making sure to complete the required (*) fields.

screen shot

You can enter an optional note in the eDoc. Enter the text and then select add. The date/time stamp and author will automatically populate. You can also enter an optional attachment(s), such as a PDF, spreadsheet and etc. It is required that you add a description in the Note Text box before adding your attachment. You once you have completed these steps, select "add".

screen shot

Once you’ve reviewed your eDoc one final time, select submit button to route the eDoc for approval. The eDoc should say, “Document was successfully submitted.”. Now select close button at the bottom of the document. Note that the status has changed to “ENROUTE”.

screen shot

Once your Add New Person eDoc has been submitted -

What to Expect

Once you’ve submitted the document, you will notice that it routes differently than all other eDoc types.  Because this document contains personal information, the regular approvers in the routing chain do not need to see an employee’s personal information. As a result, when you submit this type of document it routes directly to the central HR or Academic HR office for final approval. If the Add New Person eDoc is for an international employee, the document will route directly to the Office of International Services.

Add New Person Final Approval Process

After the document has been approved by Human Resources/Academic HR Office or International Services, you will receive an Acknowledgement in your Action List. This indicates that a University Id has been created for this employee and that the record containing the personal information has been saved in the PeopleSoft database. Now with a record in the database, you are able to initiate the Hire Employee eDoc. Click on the Doc Id number and the following screen appears.

NOTE: The University Id is listed on this document for use in the Hire eDoc. To check for the acknowledgement in your Action list navigate there as follows:

screen shot


Whether your eDoc was approved or disapproved, you will receive a notification.

If your eDoc has been approved, a new University Id is generated. An aknoweldgement will be sent to your action list as appears in the image below:

screen shot

Additionally, the University Id appears in the title field of the action list entry and will also appear in the University Id field where “NEW” was shown previously.

screen shot

If your request was disapproved, it is a result of the final approver finding an existing record (current University Id ) in the database for this person.  When disapproving the eDoc, the final approver will enter the correct University Id and add a note in the disapproved eDoc.

When you open the disapproved eDoc from your action list, be sure to make note of the University Id, as it only appears in the note section of the disapproved eDoc. Using the correct University Id that was sent to you, you will need to initiate a maintain person eDoc to make any appropriate bio/demo data updates in the system before doing the Hire eDoc.

Whether the Add New Person eDoc has been approved or disapproved, click Acknowledge to remove it from your action list.  Once this process has been completed you now have a University Id to initiate the Hire eDoc.