Add New Person – International eDoc

The Add New Person – International eDoc is used in the hiring process to create or “add” a new person to HRMS (HR database). All non-US citizen or permanent resident hires require special processing.  Upon acceptance of an offer by a non-student, non-US citizen, or permanent resident, you should contact the Office of International Services.  The “Add New Person” eDoc for international employees routes to the Office of International Services who will conduct the search match and approve the eDoc.

A.  Add New Person eDoc must be done for prospective:

B.  If none of the above criteria is true, then an Add New Person eDoc should not be done.  Included in this group are:

If visitors in this second category need only library privileges or an IU email ID or access to IU computer systems, departments should request “affiliate” status from ITPO.

Note that most persons in Category #1 will be managed through the Academic Affairs Office. Those in Category #2 will be managed through Procurement Services.

Add New Person – International eDoc Process 

In One.IU navigate to the eDocs tab in the HRMS Portal, select the Add New Person eDoc.

The Add New Person – International eDoc is made up of 2 sections: Initial Information and Bio-Demo.

Initial Information

screen shot
  1. Complete all of the required fields (*) using the lookups as needed.
  2. U.S. Citizen will default.  Select either Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) or Other.
  3. The Effective Date is always the date that you are completing the Add New Person eDOC
  4. Leave the Enter I-9 Info checkbox blank.

Note:  The Form I-9 and E-Verify process must be completed in the HireRight system within three day of employment.  See the Employment Eligibility Verification pages on the IU HR website for additional information.

*For information regarding expiration and re-verification of I-9 for International hires, refer to the I-9 Information business processes paper:  IU Sponsored Employees

  1. Click the continue button. If you discover you have made a data entry error in an editable field of a previous section, click return to go back to that section and make your correction.



screen shot
  1. Enter the Biographic/Demographic Information making sure to complete the required (*) fields.  
    1. Name: The First and Last Name is the legal name of the person.  If you have an abbreviation for the middle name, enter it without a period.
    2. Preferred Name: The Preferred Name is the name by which the person wants to be identified.  For example, a legal name of Mary Jane, but she prefers Jane.  Enter the name on this series of lines.  If there is no Preferred Name listed, you may leave these fields blank.
    3. Personal Data: National ID is a required field.  At the time of hire if an individual does not have a National ID (SSN), to fulfill the eDoc requirement you will enter 999-99-9999.
    4. Address: Home Country only allows for USA - all others should be done by the International Office.
    5. IU Office Address: Department defaults in based on entry in the Initial Information section.

Notes and Attachments - should be used for information related to processing of the eDoc. This field is helpful for approvers to prioritize activities, especially for those with large action lists. Notes and Attachments are available for viewing in the route log that is accessible during document search and on the action list. Due to the fact that route logs are available to all users through the document search, confidential information should not be entered in this field. Some examples of phrases that may appear in the notes and attachments:

Click on the appropriate action button.

SUBMIT = select when you have completed the e-Doc and are ready to automatically route the document where it will be approved and eventually saved to PeopleSoft.

SAVE = this action Saves to your Action List in order for you to retrieve it at a later time to complete it.

BLANKET APPROVE = an action used by an approver when they need to approve an e-Doc without submitting the document to the entire routing chain.

CLOSE = closes the document once the data entry is complete

CANCEL = cancels the entire e-Doc.  It will be necessary to begin the e-Doc again from the initial data section.

  1.  Select  and the eDoc will route to the International office for final approval.
    1. For the BL, KO, NW, SE, SB, FW, EA campuses, they will route to the Office of International Services in BL. For IN and CO, they route to the Office of International Affairs in IN.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to forward the necessary visa/permit paperwork to the appropriate International Office at the same time you initiate the Add New Person eDoc.

screen shot screen shot