Action List

The Action List is where documents are routed when action is required by an Initiator, Approver, or Final Approver. You will find the Action List task in One.IU, and may add it to your favorites if you wish.

screen shot

Open your Action List task frequently, to see if there are documents requiring your attention. 
screen shot

Note, on your Action List bar, there are three buttons to your right, preferences refresh and filter.

screen shot

Below is a high level review of Action List page set-up:

preferences button
Select the way you want your Action List to be displayed.  You may set:

Refresh button
Refreshes the page with any updates to the action list

Filter button
This allows you to filter results by parameters such as, Document Route Status or Action Requested.  In addition, you may filter by document type on the Action List itself.

screen shot

In order to review the document, click on the Id as seen in the screen shot below and then either take action (the document will be removed from you Action List) or close the document (the document will remain in your Action List).

screen shot

For General information on Action Lists, refer to the Knowledge Base -