Introducing Four Simple Actions

John Whelan, Vice President for Indiana University Human Resources, addresses the camera.

(John Whelan)

It is my pleasure to introduce a new initiative that will help people who are managers and supervisors be more successful leaders at IU. It’s called Four Simple Actions.

Research--and our own personal experiences--show us that managers have the single greatest impact on an employee’s effectiveness, motivation, engagement, discretionary effort and retention. As the saying goes, “People don’t leave the job, they leave the manager”

To develop the Four Simple Actions approach, we spoke with employees on all seven of IU’s campuses to understand their own experiences with their managers or as a manager themselves.

Based on this information, we identified four simple yet powerful actions that all employees need their managers and supervisors to do. 

Number one: Ask me what I think

Number two: Tell me what you expect of me

Number three: Say something positive about my work.

And, number four: Share information that will help me.

I challenge you, as a manager, as a leader at IU, to commit to using these Four Simple Actions regularly with each person you lead.

I am confident that if you begin using these Four Simple Actions, you will feel the positive impact that you and your employees are making together at IU.

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