Four Simple Actions: Tell me what you expect of me.

Lauren Robel, Executive Vice President and IU Bloomington Provost, addresses the camera.

(Lauren Robel)

The conversations you have with your employees every day are essential to building a culture that attracts and retains high-performing employees. Leading at IU designed Four Simple Actions to give leaders a communications framework for their everyday conversations. Learn the second of Four Simple Actions you can take as a leader to create a culture where employees thrive.

ACTION TWO: Tell me what you expect of me.

What does this mean?

Clearly and consistently communicate expectations and priorities so your employees can focus on and deliver what matter most.

Discuss role expectations with your employees and share how each individual’s role contributes to the success of the broader team or organization.

Clarify a role’s tasks and responsibilities as well as the relational and behavioral expectations of the unit and team.

Why is this important?

How does this help you?

Expectations serve as an employee’s point of focus helping him or her know where to go and what to do.

Defining expectations paints a picture of outstanding performance and reduces the likelihood of miss-communication, re-work and lost productivity.

Clear expectations are foundational to employees feeling engaged and motivated to do their best work.

When I began this position as Provost, I recognized that we would be faced with multiple, competing priorities, and instituted a simple team meeting that happens every week and is focused around our calendar.

At that meeting, I communicate to the leadership within my office the priorities for the week, and the month, and most of the semester to come.

We assure that we stay focused on the highest of those priorities even as shifting demands come in.

Do this now:

Communicate each employee’s role and priorities. Ensure the entire team knows each other’s personal responsibilities.

Explain to each employee how he or she contributes to the team’s success.
Continually Ask Yourself: “Are my team members clear about what to do and when to do it?”

We encourage you to create regular opportunities to ask about and clarify expectations and goals with each of your team members.

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