Four Simple Actions: Say something positive about my work.

Nasser H. Paydar, Executive Vice President and IUPUI Chancellor, addresses the camera.

(Nasser H. Paydar)

As a leaders at Indiana University, it is our job to ensure our employees feel heard, valued, and motivated. Leading at IU designed Four Simple Actions to give leaders a communications framework for everyday conversations. In this video, learn the third of Four Simple Actions you can take as a leader to show your team how much you value their contributions.

ACTION 3: Say something positive about my work.

What does this mean?

Recognize individuals for doing good work. Be timely, specific, and sincere.

Acknowledge contributions and celebrate individuals and team successes.

Why is this important? How does this help you?

Individuals who receive recognition and positive feedback increase their individual productivity, boost engagement among their colleagues, and are more likely to stay with IU.

Recognition tells employees what to keep doing and where their work is most impactful.

Positive feedback is a tool that you as a leader can use to communicate what is important and help an employee see value in his or her work.

I've seen this in action.

Several years ago, I served as Chancellor of IU East. When I first started I wanted to get to know campus and let people know I appreciated what they were doing so I met with every faculty and staff member on campus.

One afternoon, I met with a man on staff and I told him I appreciated and valued what he was doing to serve the campus. As I was talking he started crying quietly. When I asked him what was wrong? He said he had been called in before but never to be told that his contribution was important.

After that meeting he was a productive and positive member of our campus community. The conversations I've had with this staff member and hundreds of others at IU East and throughout my career allow me to create a foundation of understanding and appreciation upon which to build.

Do this Now:

Prioritize recognition as a way to reinforce the actions and behaviors you want to see people repeat.

Ask your team members how they prefer to receive recognition and use that information to ensure your praise has the most impact.

Make recognition a regular agenda item at scheduled one-on-one and team meetings.

We encourage you to find opportunities to continuously recognize and appreciate your employee's contributions.

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