Four Simple Actions: Share information that will help me.

Kathryn Cruz-Uribe, IU-East Chancellor, addresses the camera.

(Kathryn Cruz-Uribe)

Great leadership takes place every day through meaningful exchanges with staff members.

Leading at IU designed Four Simple Actions to give leaders a communications framework for their everyday conversations. In this video, learn the fourth of Four Simple Actions you can take as a leader to increase employee engagement.

ACTION FOUR: Share information that will help me.

What does this mean?

Broadly share information with your team so your employees have the full picture and can better perform in their jobs and see how their work fits into the broader organization.

To build trust with your team, have open and honest communication where possible.

Why is this important? How does this help you?

Sharing information fosters trust in you as a manager and in the organization. To earn trust you have to give trust.

Sharing information more broadly encourages open communication and creative problem solving.

Without transparency, people tend to make up their own truth about something. Ensure your team has the information to focus on the right things.

My immediate team is my cabinet, but since I am the Chancellor there is a way in which I think of the whole campus as a team. Iíd like to share an example of when I could have communicated more effectively.

Our tradition had been to recognize outstanding staff and faculty during our annual honors ceremony which is a student-focused event. As we have grown, the ceremony takes more time, so I thought a way to trim the length would be to give the staff awards at a different event--combining them with the staff summer picnic.

However, this change was perceived as devaluing staff for several reasons including the fact the picnic event is a more casual event and faculty awards were still being given at the honors ceremony.

What did we do?

I charged a committee of staff and faculty to evaluate the effectiveness of our employee award and recognition programs and recommend changes. This group did great work and we implemented many of the suggestions. The most significant of which was combining faculty and staff awards in one ceremony, which has been very well received across campus.

So, do this now:

Treat your team like partners and share information about the organization.

Continuously ask yourself, "Do my team members have all the information they need to do their job right?"

We encourage you to find opportunities to share information with your team members to build trust within your team.

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