Performance Management
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Main steps in developing a performance management plan

  1. Update the job description and identify the Major Duties of the job.
  2. Determine the Performance Standards for each Major Duty.
  3. Determine the process and components of the plan:
    1. Length of the evaluation period (one year is customary)
    2. Timing of cycle (when does cycle start and end? Are there date-specific times for procedures? Who does what when?)
    3. Interim contact points and procedures (Coaching should occur on a frequent basis. At least one informal discussion about overall performance at mid-cycle is recommended.)
    4. Procedures and timing for Annual Performance Discussions (should be at least once per year)
    5. Inclusion of Annual Goals?
    6. Inclusion of Professional Development?
    7. Will there be ratings? Who will rate--supervisor? Peers? Upward review? Customers? Self review?
    8. Documentation required and form of documentation
    9. Consistent standards for similar duties? Monitoring process?
    10. Audit procedures? Appeal procedures?
  4. Develop form
  5. Schedule training at any point in the process. Training and consultation is provided on all segments of the Performance Management process by University Human Resource Services.

For consultation and training

Organization Development, IU Human Resources, is available to provide consultation with supervisors interested in developing a Performance Management Plan. Individual and/or group training on all aspects of Performance Management is provided upon request by e-mailing Debra Nelson Dunbar at , director of Organization Development, or by calling 812-855-4104.

Additional online training resources for supervisors